Why? Simple…my kids are getting older! It was great being a new mom and developing products to use with my little ones. The inspiration was overflowing and every single detail of the prototype was easy to discuss and enhance. Now that my children are 7 and 5, it’s not quite as easy to throw them in the products and test them out. (Although it was a thought to have another baby so we could continue this journey through inspiration, Kevin and I decided that probably wasn’t the best reason to have a 3rd child.)

The funniest thing to me is that the Infant Cruizer was the original idea; the thought that sparked Go-Go Babyz over six years ago. Although it is not nearly what we imagined in the beginning, the Infant Cruizer is what started us on this incredible path of invention and entrepreneurship.

The original idea, which was to put wheels on a car seat, turned into a universal base that would accommodate all infant car seats. We spent several years developing this amazing base for all infant car seats. During this time, I was able to use the prototypes with the kids, determining which functions were absolute necessities. Just as we were about to release the product and start production, Graco came out with their car seat, the SafeSeat. To our greatest fears, this new car seat did not work with our amazing base. Needless to say, we were devastated! We decided to scrap all our hard work on the “universal base” design and move to a new design which would allow us to make and change adaptors as car seats left the market and new ones came to market. This took us another 2 + years. As product development DOES take awhile, at least for us, we discovered we could create more adaptors to continue the variety of uses and functions for the Infant Cruizer.

Unfortunately, at this point, my children can not help during this final phase of the Infant Cruizer. I am extremely saddened that after all this time; we can not use our finished product with our own children. However, I strongly stand behind my belief that since a mother or father or caregiver is the one using the product, the product should be developed and tested by a mother, father or caregiver. I am honored to be working with the momslikeme city ambassadors to help us complete the development cycle of the Infant Cruizer and hopefully continue the path to making an amazing, unique product for when you and your baby are on the go.

Thanks MomsLikeMe for all your support!