Funny how it just hit me…once again.

My first glance at had my head twirling on how I could get Go-Go Babyz or the fact that I am a momprenuer mentioned in their community or articles. Then I started going over some of the titles of the articles…Playtime for Mommy, Get Fit, Does Mommy Have to do it All? Hmmm…. Suddenly my focus changed from work to personal.

So, why haven’t I thought about reading articles just for me and how to improve my well being? I think the simplest reason is that it is hard for me to separate myself from my work as a business owner in the juvenile industry. My work and motherhood go hand in hand. There’s no way Go-Go Babyz would have ever begun if it weren’t for the fact that I had a baby. That being said, in the beginning, I was extremely conscious of how awesome it was that I was a mom of little ones and my business revolved around being a mom. It was extremely exciting every time I went to the juvenile product trade shows to exhibit. Half the fun was bringing the passion of my products to the juvenile industry the other half was seeing all the new and amazing products out there (and for me to hopefully purchase samples after the show for my kids). I loved the fact that research included visiting parenting websites and magazines and stores. It was all new and exciting information that directly pertained to both my personal life as a mother and my new career.

Now, after years of immersing myself in mommy magazines, parent websites and now social marketing sites like facebook and twitter, I tend not to notice the cool new stuff that’s out there… let alone read articles that may contribute to my own sanity or mothering abilities. My focus lately has been to try and figure out how I can improve my social networking abilities, public relations and continue the path of branding. I definitely get lost in the process.

As I think all parents realize, the road to balance is always changing. As soon as I feel somewhat balanced in my life; my children’s routine, our family’s path or my business goals change in some major or minute way. Immediately, I become discombobulated and my first reaction is to focus on what my kids need and what I need to do as their mother. My second reaction is to focus on Go-Go Babyz. I have become so consumed with being a mother and business owner that I have mistaken my needs with my children’s and my business’ needs.

The positive comes from recognition. The next steps are working to revise and identify my needs. How perfect is it that it is the start of a New Year.

I plan to start by printing out the following article from and see if I can begin incorporating my needs in to my life…again.

Thank you MOMeo!