I love being a manufacturer. There’s not doubt that product development is a long and tiring road. However, walking to the back of the warehouse and seeing pallets of product ready to ship, definitely reignites the passion!

Doing a happy dance is not beyond me. You will actually find me wandering to the back of the warehouse, just to witness the beautifully wrapped pallets, awaiting the LTL trucks. I admire the clean look of the carefully wrapped plastic wrap our shipping manager has delicately churned around our products and the precisely placed labels which appear neatly on each box.

At one point in time, we attempted to move our logistics out of our warehouse. At the time, I clearly imagined Go-Go Babyz moving into a beautiful office suite. This imagined suite had elegant paint on the walls, crown molding and high end décor. I thought this would demonstrate that we “had arrived” and give me a true sense of accomplishment.

Needless to say, we never moved into the beautiful office suite I had imagined. Our attempt to move logistics out of house turned into a nightmare. We quickly learned that our control for shipping schedules, last minute shipments and overnight deliveries was no longer in our hands. We were dependent on someone else. In addition, our ability to track packages or send tracking information to our customers, was no longer immediate. It often took days to obtain the information. Our customer service abilities were ultimately compromised and we knew within months we needed to bring back our inventory.

However, the thing that surprised me the most, was my own disappointment with no longer seeing the Geoffrey truck arrive to pick up pallets of product or the stack of 6 packs and individual boxes being shipped for the day. What I realized was that I didn’t need a beautiful office to feel that sense of accomplishment. I just needed to open my eyes to what was in front of me. Enjoy the moments that fill me up with pride and acknowledge myself and my accomplishments.

We are a manufacturer. We ship our own products. We will always be in a warehouse. Lesson learned.