Lights, Camera, Action!

The Go-Go Babyz Video Contest is finally here. We are very excited to see what you can do! Grab your favorite Go-Go Babyz product and a camera and get ready to go!

We are looking for creative and fun videos that show everyone how to use our products. We want you to help show just how they work and how easy they are to use.

The best video in each of three categories will win $300.00 USD. Just take a video of you using one of our products and send it over! It’s that easy! Get your child involved, share some personal tips and tricks and get creative.

Now then, onto the details.

The contest itself

All video submissions must be made before Midnight (PST), April 30th 2010 September 20, 2010. The Winners will be announced May 07th, 2010 October 1, 2010.

There are three categories you can enter the video into:

Category One: gogo Kidz Travelmate
Category Two: Infant Cruizer
Category Three: Urban Advantage Stroller.

Video Format

The videos themselves can be submitted in MPEG (preferred), but can also be submitted in FLV, AVI or MP4 file formats. The videos should run 2-5 minutes in length and shouldn’t exceed 10mb in file size.

Video Content

This is a video contest to show just how to set up and use our products. All videos must be a “how-to” video to use and assemble a qualified Go-Go Babyz Product. All videos must also show the Go-Go Babyz company name and/or product name in the Title. Aside from the requirement to show assembly and use, you can be creative. Personal tips on using the product, or assembly definitely earns points, but so does being creative, so make sure to have fun. We also will be instigating an honor code. All participants must agree to it for entry. All participants in the video must be fully-clothed. Also try to avoid wearing clothing with recognizable logos.

Honor Code

By submitting a video or essay you are pledging that you are the original creator/Author.

How to Enter

To enter, record a video compliant with the guidelines stated above to Make sure to title the email in regards to the video contest. Post and share the video on either Facebook or Youtube. Finally, fill out and return the release form to Go-Go Babyz.

Download Release Form

We look forward to seeing your creations!