With summer vacation just around the corner, we were thinking that this would be a better time for a fun little video contest and a super opportunity for folks who could use some extra cash, as well as have the time to get out and get creative!

So, Go-Go Babyz has decided to extend our video contest until September 20th 2010. This will let more people get involved; with more time to get creative and even give an excuse for a family activity over the summer break (as well as a week or two after Labor Day to put it together)! So plan your best video on how to assemble, how to use, or any tips for our Infant Cruizer, gogo Kidz Travelmate or Urban Advantage.

Remember you can win $300.00 per product! That’s some good cash for just showing others how to use a product you already know how to use!

For more informtion on the contest, click here.