I have a tendency to put things off some times. For example, I just introduced myself and my blogging plans today and basically said “stay tuned for more”. Well, it’s a holiday weekend and I am sure some of you might be traveling. So, I guess I better start posting.

Let’s talk about car travel.

My advice – DON’T DO IT! Run the other way, fake an injury or illness. Just kidding, try this: Run head first into a wall with a note pinned to your shirt that says “Honey, put me in the back seat and wake me up when we get there.” Okay, still kidding, sort of. I hate driving; I go nuts after an hour. I get anxious, impatient & irritable. Not a good combination when you add a wife and 2 young kids to the mix. Here are five tips for a long drive:

  1. Everyone goes potty BEFORE leaving – put off that first stop for at least 45 min
  2. Pack a snack – one that the majority of which will be consumed by a child not end up all over the car
  3. Pack a handheld game of some sort for EACH child – kids do not share or take turns well while confined
  4. Plan age appropriate games for the whole family – out of state, road sign alphabet –anything to keep them engaged and focused on anything but the drive
  5. Lighten up and be flexible – nothing ever goes as planned – make the best of it.

You have heard this all before, right? Just do it, it’s not rocket science, but sometimes it is so hard to do. We, especially me, need to remember that vacations are to have fun. I fought all of this for years, and well, I just had to take the advice and lighten up. Kids are only kids for a short period of time. Enjoy it.

How about anyone else – any tips or trick to pass long? I am also always open to suggestions for topics and the like. Have a fun & safe weekend.

– Kevin Williams
  VP & Dad