One comment on “Memorial Day Road Trip

  1. Before kids, Kevin was the road trip driver that hated to make stops. His goal: Get there and get there as quickly as possible! After having kids, his goal didn’t really change. However, together, we have learned some tricks to ease the road trip boredom.

    In addition to his tips above, I would add:

    1. Don’t hesitate to make a stop for food and walk around a little. If possible plan ahead and search out some neat little town on your route with a restaurant that has good reviews.

    2. I come from a place where the kids’ contentment means more than having to vacuum up some messy crackers in the backseat. Snacks help cure the hungry and irritable child. Also entertains them for a little while. But don’t forget the sippy cup. Spilled juice from a juice box does not equal a fun drive!

    3. As the kids get a little older, you may need two DVD players. A single DVD Player and arguing kids about what movie to watch can lead to adult irritation. Kids headphones are an added bonus as you and your husband may actually be able to enjoy some music during the drive.

    4. Be prepared to hand over your iPhone. As an added bonus, download some new kid apps just before your trip!

    5. Play I Spy.

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