So, Kerry & I did travel over the long weekend. We didn’t travel by car nor did we travel with kids. That’s right, no kids! We left on one of our rare no-kids weekend. We picked up my sister, dropped the kids off at my mom & dad’s and headed to Vegas.

Even though we did not get to try out any of our road trip tips, we got to see some parents struggling in the airport with kids. I saw everything from too many bags, giant car seats, messy food, to over-sized strollers.  As the maker of the Travelmate, this is one of the main topics we like to discuss.  My plan was to wait a few weeks to get into the air travel topic but after being in the airport this weekend, I have to start now.

For this post I will just touch on the topic and respond to what I saw this weekend. Since this is what we deal with the most, there will be lots of discussions throughout the travel season.

To start – the number one goal for me is to make travel with kids as simple as possible. That can’t be done when you are lugging around a heavy, awkward car seat, extra carry-on bags, and pushing a large stroller.

Tip 1. Travel with some form of a care giver – if at all possible – grandparent, auntie, nanny…. Why do it alone? I know this isn’t always feasible so …

Tip 2. Buy a gogo Kidz Travelmate, by yours truly, It won’t break the bank and it will make your life so much easier – that is why we invented it. (Here’s why: the gogo Kidz Travelmate allows you to wheel your car seat AND child through the airport; with one-hand! This means you have another hand to roll your carry on or hold your boarding pass or even carry your cup of coffee. The alternative to owning a gogo Kidz Travelmate looks like this: you holding your baby while your husband carries the car seat and you pushing  the stroller, which is not carrying your child but is carrying your carry on….sound familiar? It is a sight I see way too often. There simply is no need to struggle this way)

I know, I am horrible – not even a week into my blog career and I’m already making plugs for our products. Sorry, but you know what, it is all in our tagline, making life easier “when you and your baby are on the go.”

In all seriousness, this blog was created to be a resource for parents on the go. We make travel products so there will be some plugging. I urge you to not get scared away and continue to follow us through the travel season and PLEASE add your comments and tips. Let’s help this really take off. Being a parent is a hard job; let’s do what we can to make it easier.

So, stay tuned – more is coming. I encourage you to browse all the posts and add what you can, what you think can help others. You might just help change a potential disastrous vacation into the first of many cherished vacations.

 – Kevin Williams
  VP & Dad