5 comments on “Flying with Kids Pt 1: Preparing for the Airport

  1. It’s all true. I just finished flying halfway around the world with my husband, mother and 15 month old. We were those pack mules you see in airports. Flying out was a breeze. We got friends to drop us off at the airport and we needed a second car seat so we had it delivered to our first destination (a domestic layover to pick up my mother).

    Then we flew to S. Africa and it was a royal pain. I had a roller carry-on, the baby, her car seat and a stroller that seemed necessary for the 12 hour layover we had in London. What they don’t tell you is that gated checked items going through London will only reappear at your final destination.

    At the end of all of this, I ended up flying back home from my parents’ place alone with the baby and her car seat. During a short layover in Salt Lake City, I saw a family traveling with a gogo kidz travelmate. I felt like such an idiot for not getting one before our trip. They were allowed to bring it on board the plane and it made moving through the airport easy for them. They even said that they can sometimes leave it attached to the car seat through security.

    Now I just need to convince my husband that there really is one more piece of baby gear we need before our next trip! It sure would have helped to have him see on in action during our trip.

  2. Pack each kid a DVD player and lots of snacks. New toys, books, favorite snacks also help. Two summers ago I flew SFO to Boston with my 5 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old by myself on a red-eye. Never again. They slept most of the way, but I didn’t and was miserable. Last summer I flew by myself with my 2 year old, 4 year old, 6 year old SFO to Florida with a layover. Oh, I was pregnant too. Can you picture us all in the airplane bathroom with me changing a diaper? Well, we did all fit, but my best tip from that trip–make friends with the flight attendant. She played “make towers with the plastic cups” in the front of the plane with the older two while I tried to get the baby to take a nap. This summer, I’m staying home and family is flying to visit us. 😉

  3. Kevin is not joking when he says he doesn’t like traveling. Add to the headaches of traveling, a man who is somewhat claustrophobic, airplanes can cause great anxiety. I love Kevin’s comments about less is best. I think that growing up with my mom who always brought EVERYTHING and seeing her struggle through the airport with her house on her back, helped me to scale down and always bring either a backpack filled with goodies that remains light enough not to break my back or a little rolling carry on (as kids DVD players and movies tend to make your carry on very heavy)!

  4. Thank you everyone that posted a comment.

    Erin – I hope you get a Travelmate before you travel again – it is a life saver. My family was the same way and that is what inspired Go-Go Babyz.

    Lelanya – thank you for your tips. My next segment will be on what to bring on the plane and I am right there with you with what you suggest.

    I hope as this blog continues to grow and become a valuable resource for parents on the go.

    Thanks again
    -Kevin, VP & Dad

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