So here we are, preparing once again for family travel. However, this time something is different. I couldn’t quite wrap my hands around it at first, but now I think I have it figured out. For the last 6 years we have had the awesome experience of using our gogo Kidz Travelmates when traveling with the kids. We had our routines, knew what we needed to bring, and didn’t really think twice when travel time came along.

However, this year I am at a loss.

I am honestly confused about what gear I need to bring. Now, I have to admit that the idea of traveling without gear is very exciting…I just don’t think we are truly there yet. My son has grown out of his toddler car seat, yet I still have him in a 5-point booster seat in the car. Even at 7 (almost 8 ) years old, he has not reached the magical weight of 60 pounds required to relieve him of being strapped into a car seat.

In addition, our destination this time requires a lot of walking from our room to the restaurant, beach and pool. This can be tiresome for our little girl (5), but even more tiring for the adult who is constantly being asked, “Will you carry me (and my 45 pounds)?”

There’s no doubt that we have reached the weight limit on carrying our son. But, our daughter is another story. There are times when the encouraging statement of, “Hold my hand” will work with her. However, there are the times when the combination of her whining and the non-movement of her feet when I want to move forward and get to our destination, catapults my arms in her direction and I swiftly pick her up while stating, “wrap your legs around me and hold on….you are too heavy and I need you to help!” So, with this is mind, I can’t help but wonder, where is the gear for the parents of older children?

Now that I have identified the problem, I am in search of solutions. Who knows, perhaps this will inspire the next big thing for Go-Go Babyz. In the meantime, I will let you all know what gear makes our checklist, and if anyone has found yourself in a similar situation and has recommendations, tips or tricks, PLEASE share them!!

President & Mom