2 comments on “Traveling With Your Not-So-Little Kids

  1. While we’re still a few years away from the not-so-little stage, I do wonder what it will involve when we get there. One whole side of the family (mine) lives in different states (4), so traveling is a must. Go-Go Babyz has definitely made this stage easier!

    I found a travel friendly car-seat that uses a 5-point harness that well purchase when we get to the “needing it” stage. The Safety 1st Go Hybrid Booster is a product I actually excited about getting!

    If y’all are looking for your next product to invent, I think you should create a cross between a razor scooter and the Segway. If it could fold up compactly and was lightweight, you could carry it as a backpack, but unfold it as an easier way to drag your not-so-little kid along when they’re tired. Feel free to contact me for my totally unprofessional drawing of said product…heeheehee.

    Thanks for being an awesome company!

    – Marcy W

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