2 comments on “Flying with Kids Pt 2: Packing

  1. Sorry all – I just realized that I was too hasty when I posted. I left out my examples.

    So, for snacks my kids like goldfish & string cheese. If it’s a long flight, I sneak in some candy or something in case I might have to work a bribe. I know I am so bad, I give my kids candy, in public even.

    For the toys, my daughter(5) likes the small soft dolls with interchangeable outfits. Word of caution; only bring a few outfits so there isn’t too many items to keep track of. My son(7, huh?! Well, he brought a little stuffed animal, but he never used it. The PSPgo was such a hit. In the past, however, he would bring a small toy car or truck.

    -Kevin Williams
    VP & Dad

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