Sometimes being naïve has its advantages.

Truth be told, this summer has worn me out! If I realized how tiring it was going to be packing, missing work, unpacking, juggling the kids, and working, I am not sure I would have scheduled such a busy summer.

Of course, it always starts with the best intentions. And, in hindsight, there really isn’t much I would change about this summer.

However, is it ok to state that I am ready for the school year to start and our normal routines to go back into effect?

This summer’s whirlwind reminds me of when I was a new mom and trying to start a new business.

When I started Go-Go Babyz, my dad asked me, “If you had a magic wand, what would you want your life to be like in the next 5 years?”

My naïve response as a new mother (and non-business owner) was, “I want to be there for my kids; I want to be the one that is there when they get hurt, picks them up from school, (basically be a full-time mom) and I want to create this product.”

Since that time, I have heard my father say on more than one occasion, “What are you trying to do, get the mother of the year award?” Although this statement wasn’t meant for discouragement, in his roundabout way, I got that he was telling me I was trying to do too much. I have a hard time reducing my own expectations of myself and what I can accomplish in any given day, week or month. When looking into the future and planning, if it all fits in the calendar, my assumption is that I can do it.

Today, as I sit in the office, I see and I feel just how much fit into our calendar this summer and now I have only a small window to get the work done that needs to be accomplished. My recent weeklong family vacation and half-day off on Friday for our weekend camping trip have limited my ability to scratch anything off the list. There’s less than one week left of summer, less than a month before I leave for a trade show in Germany, and less than two months before our US trade show. Although I know that it will all come together, the reality is that, at this point, I know what to expect and I’m already inundated with the workload that lies ahead.

I still stand behind my original statement that I want to be there for my kids and be business owner. I just don’t know if I would have started a business if I knew what I was getting in to. I believe that this mentality is true for so many things in life. If we actually knew what was coming, we would probably doubt our ability to do it.

I often look back at some of my accomplishments and find that I am amazed at what I have done; especially now that I know what it takes to do it. In fact, I find that looking ahead at new products to develop and engineer makes me tired, just thinking about it because I know what it entails. I miss those times of being naïve; I believe that I sat in the moment, being utterly present and taking one step at a time – simply because I didn’t know what was coming next.