If you read Kerry’s post; ditto. I am exhausted. It just hit me a few days ago, in the middle of shopping for school supplies. Maybe that’s it; the realization that another summer is coming to an end and the action of the last three months is catching up to me. All the exciting vacations with the family, the great mountain biking in Tahoe & Downieville, the chaos of the juggling act with kids and the hectic schedule. Just trying to keep up with the schedule is a tiring job. Now, top it all with running a full-time business.

Whatever it is, I’m tired. I need a two or three day nap! Let me get right on that…Nap? What’s that? I can’t remember the last time I had a nap. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change anything about this summer. It was exciting and fun and the kids had a blast. As exciting as it was, however, I am ready for the structure and routine of the school year as well.

My only concern is the transition back to school.  The first few weeks always seem to be a nightmare. The kids do not want to wake up, they want to watch TV in the morning, they don’t want to do homework and they want to stay up late. Trust me, I understand. They are just coming down from an exhilarating summer vacation that they never wanted to end. The initial structure and routine that Kerry and I worked so hard on to create before the summer vacation started has dwindled to almost nothing at this point. So, they are living with very little structure and have a good amount of freedom and flexibility and as soon as school starts, they are thrown into a very structured routine with very little flexibility or free time.

To help ease the pain, my strategy this year is to begin the transition a couple weeks before. My kids will start school Monday so I began the transition period last week. It is just a matter of starting to reestablish the “normal” routine. Like, having regular dinners and getting the kids to sleep at a decent time and then waking them up at a regular time. This helps reintroduce the routine. It may not be much and maybe it sounds simple, but let me tell you, it isn’t always easy. I can also tell you that if I don’t do this, next Monday is not going to be fun.

How about you? How do you get the kids back in school mode? Have any tips or tricks to share?

Happy Back to School!

– Kevin Williams
VP & Dad