If any of you have read the facebook messages and tweets about Go-Go Babyz then you may already know my work.  While I am best when kept to fewer than 140 characters, I thought it was high time I chime in with a little something more.

I may not have the parental experience that both Kerry and Kevin have to offer but I am the uncle of 5 kids. So, I figured it was time I pipe in and share what it’s like from the outside – so to speak.  After all, when do you ever hear from the guy that wires your kids full of sugar and excitement then drops them off as he giggles to himself and drives away?

I have been at Go-Go Babyz from the ground up and I think not only is that a perspective that needs to be shared but from an outsider learning so much about childcare and all it involves…. It’s like I’m a new parent without any of the late nights.  Well ok, there are late nights but it usually involves a pint glass and people with loose morals.

While I am currently in Chicago with my lovely Girlfriend while she finishes her Pastry Chef Training, that’s right read it and weep, I am still hammering out project after project for Go-Go Babyz while Kevin cracks the whip.  It’s a tough situation and I plan to talk a lot about it.  I’m like a Stay at home Dad but with less poop and more excel sheets.  Ok so I do have a 1 year old pup so I guess there isn’t that much less poop. I plan to make my posts fun but really offer some insight into working from home, the baby business in general and of course being an uncle.

So, if you are still reading, obviously you like my style and I can’t really blame you.  I plan on adding in with  Kerry and Kevin and hopefully our guest writers’ blogs with my perspectives from working from home, growing a company, brand awareness and of course all the things you secretly suspect your brother/sister does with your kids even though you tell them not to.


Cole Straub

Project Manager & Uncle