3 comments on “So You’d Rather Be At Home?

  1. You have good points there Cole. Regular hours and communication can suffer, but since this is Go-Go Babyz I thought I’d add the whole dynamic of being a parent working from home. There were times when I was working from home that I would spend entire conference calls sitting with a crying baby, or playing blocks while emails stack up in my inbox. Once the kid was asleep, I wanted to be too, so “after hours” work rarely got done. There is something to be said for productivity in a traditional office, although I miss middle of the work day naps with my kid!

  2. You are absolutely right Jess. There is alot to do about working from home with kids in the house. I have a pup I can ignore for the most part, although he has learned to “talk” when he needs attention. You know we are always looking for guest bloggers to share perspectives…… Wink Wink 😉

  3. Hi Jess,

    I stayed at home with the kids for a couple years and I understand completely. I have a mixed bag of emotions about it. I am glad I did it; it was a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything but I sure am glad to be back in a “normal” work environment. Especially for the interaction with adults.

    I must admit, I too miss the freedom to put everything down and play, or take Davan for a stroll around the lake to get her to sleep (and hone my fishing skills)!

    Kevin Williams
    VP & Dad

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