One comment on “Kids & Their Injuries

  1. That is awesome! Kerry and I grew up together and had a blast. I remember growing up with BB guns in the neighborhood and throwing rotten persimmons…nasty! My son Luke, who just turned 7, has already had stitches in his chin for trying to bunny-hop off the curb and my other son Evan, who is 6 almost broke his arm. Cou;dn’t tell you how but that is indifferenct. Adam and I are so protective of those two. They are into riding their bikes, racing dirtbikes and anything else that might seem like a mild episode of Jackass! =) Whatever they get in to, we always make sure the have whatever safety stuff they need, no matter what.

    And for the record, when Luke got his stitches in his chin, Adam almost passed out when they stuck the needle in him!!! LOL Adam doesn’t do needles and especially not on his son! Icompletely understand that part for sure!

    I think we really need to let our kids be kids, but make sure they’re safe. Our parents did it for us, to the extent of what they knew we were doing, and we will do it for our kids. Sometimes, I think we need to ‘advise’ them on the best decision because I believe (or at least that is the way it was with me)if I feel like you are telling them what NOT to do, they are going to find a way to do it anyways. But if it is their decision….maybe it will be a better decision!

    Love being a mom to 2 crazy boys!

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