3 comments on “Another Easy to win Contest from Go-Go Babyz!

  1. Love, love my Go-Go Babyz!! I couldn’t travel without them now. The kids have their familiar and safe carseats wherever we go and they are so easy to use both in the airplane seats and while rolling them along. People are constantly stopping to ask me where I got it, how it works, etc… so I finally decided to write your website on a few of my business cards before I leave so I can share the love!

  2. We love our Go-Go Babyz. We have twin go-go babies and we do go-go. 11 round trips in their first two years and we could not have done it without our Go-Go Babyz. My favorite part is leaving the airport and rolling them on to the shuttle, arriving to the car, popping the wheels off and hopping in the car. After a long air flight it is so easy. Life would not be that easy without our Go-Go Babyz.

  3. Go-Go Babyz travelmate. Going through an airport? No problem! It is a amusement ride for your little one and easy for mom/dad pulling it! Going through security at the airport? No problem! They can wand scan your seat/travelmate in moments or just pop off wheels and detach from the car seat and whoosh you are through security! Travel with this and it makes your travel that much easier when you have a little one to travel with! We are going to take our Go-Go Travelmate when we travel to Disneyland from Vancouver, BC this Christmas! Go-go inventors PLEASE keep the great ideas coming! It sure does make travel a lot easier! ❤

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