Want to know what the people you are reading read?  Well this week I am going to talk about blogs. The good, the bad, what it’s like to deal with them as well as which ones are our favorites.  When I was compiling this little list, I realized there are literally hundreds of thousands of options.  It seems there is a blog for every opinion and every school of thought.  From trolls and flamers who write just to irk people to helpful and honest reviews there has to be someone out there writing who you would want to read.

Before I get into what our favorites are here at Go-Go Babyz, I wanted to talk about a new trend in blogging, the rise of the Mommy Blogger.  I get literally dozens of requests a day from mommy bloggers that want to review our products.  It’s a bit of a fine line between writing reviews to be helpful and let other parents know what is good, what is useful or just trying to get companies to send you free stuff! We love word of mouth advertising here at Go-Go Babyz, and when we find a good mommy blog we are always excited to hear what they have to say.  It is easy to tell up front who, for the most part, is trying to just grab as much free gear as they can. But the average person who doesn’t have to review 15+ sites a day might not.  There is a movement among these bloggers about ethical blogging.  Meaning they donate all the products they get or make sure you are well aware the company gave them a product in exchange for reviewing it.  A lot of blogs (including our own wink wink) giveaway products for stopping by and checking out some of the reviews. It doesn’t just have to be gear for kids and parents either.  There is an entire world of reviewers out there and they all give you a chance to learn more about products, win a few freebies and contribute your opinion to the community.

Now on to the good stuff, the inspiring and brilliant minds that lure us here at Go-Go Babyz to follow, tweet and reread their writings.  Mind crushes if you will.  Now some of these are not parental blogs or anything related, some of these are interests, some of these are just darn funny.  The point is we read… a lot…. Not always Dostoyevsky….but some of its funny. These are just a few and my favorite isn’t company appropriate but if you want to know the site let me know. Nothing terrible just not company appropriate 😉

www.Daddytypes.com – This one is a great dad blog with links to other happening dads.  Good inside news on the biz, new products and a subtle, esoteric knowledge of architecture that makes me think he is better than me.

www.Funnyordie.com – Now this isn’t a blog but make sure to check out between 2 ferns with Zach Galifianakis, it always gives us a giggle.

www.Mtbr.com – This is of course Kevin’s Mountain Biking obsession in full force. Reviews, deals and discounts on all things extreme.

www.bonappetit.com/blogsandforums/blogs/badaily – With both Kevin and I being huge foodies there is no question why we love this collection of food blogs from Bon Appetit.

www.hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com – Social Commentary, funny childhood stories and some really great random musings…..

Blogs are a great way to hear a second, third or 127th opinion.  They let us get an honest (for the most part) review and opinion of things we may one day want to spend money on.  They make us laugh, make us think why the hell did you just write that? They give us insight into the hardships we might not know or let us know we aren’t the only ones to accidentally do that on the roller coaster.  We would love to hear what your favorite blogs are, who you read, what tickles your fancy and of course if you have a blog, send it my way (cole@gogobabyz.com)

Cole Straub

Project Manager & Uncle.