So I know Kevin has already touched on the topic of Video games but I want to talk a little bit more. From both the adult and online perspective.  I love video games; it is my one dirty vice in an otherwise adult life.  My hand eye coordination is off the charts and I have actually had it tested with my reflexes when I was involved in high level sports.  True I was a career soccer player but I think most of it comes from Halo.  Now are there boundaries with content and children? Of course there are, I would never let my youngest nephews play the games I play.  However, when they are old enough to understand the negative societal impact of violence and media, can understand that it’s pretend violence and can appreciate a well placed sniper shot from across the map then I will welcome them with open arms.   It is most certainly up to us as adults to keep the right content in the right hands.  I own a Wii and I own an xbox360. I know I can let them play pretty much any wii game and not have to worry.  However I don’t think I own but one or two xbox games that I would feel comfortable letting them explore.

We use the wii mainly for parties when you can get a few adults, a few drinks together and watch the coordination drop and the frustration and mockery rise.  Wii play, Wii sports, Wii party anything that pits us against each other is a total blast of good clean harmless fun.  But it’s hard to play online with the Wii, it doesn’t offer the same support, game types and of course ability to talk and chat like my xbox 360.  This brings me to my next point; keeping in touch.

My sister has five kids and I have lived in a different country or state for their entire lives.  However; since my oldest nephew got a 360 for his birthday I have talked to them nearly weekly and not just over video games.  We watch the same Netflix TV show or movie together and chat, play games with my nephew while talking to the little ones or my nieces through his headset.  It has honestly brought us closer.  Now mind you I take it easy when he plays with us but I do love to hear him remind my friends that they just got shot in the head by a 5th grader when he manages to take down one of my gamer buddies.  It has totally reconnected me with that part of my family.  My dad owns an xbox, my brother, my friends back home; I literally owe my continued connection to my childhood friends and my family to my xbox.

Lastly of course is the enjoyment and unwinding from my day.  I work from home so Like Kevin I never really stop working or wanting to fire up outlook or check in on the FB page.  However when I throw my headset on, find people haven’t actually seen in three years online and pickup that controller, it’s like we are all back together again, making fun, having a blast and killing some evil aliens.  I want you all to consider this when your kids are of the right age but remember, I played outside nearly every day before I ever came inside to my video games, and my dad and mom always made sure I could handle what I was playing mentally.  So if you want to game it up with me, drop me a line and I’ll send my gamertag your way.  Remember, Technology is offering new and exciting ways to have fun and stay in touch, but it’s up to you to make sure they are used right and doled out in appropriate portions.


Cole Straub,

Project Manager & Uncle