So, pretty much everyone at the office owns a dog or two and my Girlfriend and I are no exception. I thought with Christmas coming and so many families doing the puppy present I would write a little about it. We have an awesome dog, who fills so many roles in our everyday lives.  Now I am not going to lecture you about what a responsibility dogs are (If you have ever had to walk your dog in -10 degree weather so he can get his business done then you already know) but I am going to tell you what they bring to the table. Let me start by telling you about my bad-ass little wire fox terrier, Doogie Bowser.  He is a little over a year old and runs the house when I am away.  I bought him last fall as an early Christmas present for my girlfriend and I.  I was traveling a lot and she didn’t like being in our apartment alone.  He fills the role of watchdog, companion and replacement boyfriend when I am away.  Now the flip-side of that coin is he is always by my side when I am home, even as I type this.  He is a little crazy, too cute for his own good and smarter than some people I have met on the subway.  This brings me to one of the most important points to owning a dog; knowing the breed.

We did a lot of research when picking a dog.  His breed is smart, but gets bored and crazy easily, hates to be alone for too long. He has a real people personality and that’s probably why everyone loves him.  He does, literally, dozens of tricks, easily done because he is smart, but really because I work from home and am around to train and correct him.  We wouldn’t have gotten a wire fox terrier if we weren’t around all the time. He would have been too much of a brat.  If you are planning on getting a puppy this holiday season, make sure his breed suits your lifestyle.  Is it for the kids? Make sure the breed is ok with kids and visitors, since their friends are all going to want to play too. Does your home/apartment have a yard? If not be prepared to walk a lot!

There is a reason Dog’s are considered part of the family.  Doogie is also our little man.  I don’t want to say practice child for my GF and I but he is always on our mind.  Is he eating right, is he getting enough attention and play time. Are we teaching him enough tricks to keep him occupied? He talks back when he is upset, yes he actually talks in this weird prolonged soft growl/whine.  We definitely spoil him sometimes and he can affect our evening plans as well. We don’t stay away all day long or go out all night unless we know he has been walked, fed and has enough to occupy him. When we go away he has a sitter or visits friends.  He is an important and long term part of our little family (his breed can live 15+ yrs) and we knew that going in.  On the plus side he is our personal hot water bottle on cold nights and days.  He sleeps at my feet when I play video games and always lets us know when people are around outside.  It’s fun to tease and play with him when you are bored and even better to see him experience things for the first time like snow and new objects.  I still don’t think he quite understands that snow balls aren’t his tennis balls and seems genuinely confused when they disappear into the pile of snow they are thrown towards.  So there are so many reasons to want a dog and this time of year there is a big boom in adoptions and buying puppies as presents.  Just make sure you are fully prepared and fully aware of what you are getting and getting into.  They are one of the best presents you can get and we wouldn’t give him up for anything 🙂

Cole Straub

Project Manager & Uncle