With the New Year celebrations so come the inevitable self reflections and resolutions. In our younger days perhaps it was I will never drink again, or please, if you get me through this without vomiting I will donate half my paycheck this week to charity. But what I really want to talk about is the resolutions we make after growing up, well depending on who you ask I am a grown up. New Years brings a fresh start, a time of self reflection and mostly a focus on the past year. Some people see their starting point for the new year at their birthday, but for most, the fresh start comes new year day.  Some people use it to better their lives like “I’m quitting smoking” or “I’ll eat better” but even these are in the past and focus on the negative. I always thought it was weird that resolutions nearly always take on a negative connotation.  Maybe that has to do with reflection on the past year, mistakes people want to correct or things that they regret.  I tend to look at the new year as a fresh time frame. Maybe it’s because as a project manager my daily routine involves time limits, time frame setting and multiple goals.  My resolutions always focus on achieving a positive goal.  I mean, I am far from perfect and I don’t want to say I have given up on improving myself or getting rid of bad habits, but I think New Year’s resolutions should be more about achieving a positive goal.

For me, this year is about saving money and even a raise, wink wink Kevin…I am serious about the saving money though.  My girlfriend and I are finally moving back to California now that she is finished her training, so that I can get back into the office and get some real work done. My resolution has two parts this year.  First off it’s about being more active in my saving. That isn’t just about spending less but being active in getting my money to work for me. Secondly is getting back to California and into the office to further my career and the company. These goals are forward thinking and will help with other plans down the line.  I have set benchmarks about what I need to do to say to myself that these were accomplished.  I don’t know is it weird that I see the resolve in resolution? Things that should be achieved should be forward thinking especially if they can lead to other things, in my case, a giant screen TV, ok or maybe a down payment on our own place.  What about you? Are you resolutions about the past or the future? Are they about the bigger picture or small achievable goals? Or do you say it’s all a big fuss to simply sell champagne and sparkling wine?

Cole Straub

Project Manager & Uncle