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  1. I find that I am still trying to find a good way to balance all of it out. I am a wife and mom first, then a RN student (almost finished yay!!), a daughter and sister, then maybe every once in a blue moon I get to be just me. In 2009, even my blue moon got taken away from me, that is the night my second son was born, lol!
    Sometimes I get frustrated when I feel the pull of it all and wish I could just step out of my life and take a break, but just being able to help someone at the hospital with a kind touch or word, and being able to see my children get me through and I am pleased with my ohh so hectic life!

  2. Honestly? It is scary to step out of my “Mom” role. When I do, I’m reminded, rather forcefully, of how many years that have gone by since I was “Me”. Like you, I’m not sure who that person is anymore. My nearly 3yo sleeps between dh and me and it really is a peek into our life. My attention, love, and affection go to my kids first, and anyone else is a distant second. Including my husband, unfortunately. I know that it isn’t healthy or balanced and that it is something that I need to address. But it’s scary.

  3. I find balance by asking DH to help me with the kids. I am home durring the day with the kids, and up at night with them. When DH comes home from work he helps me make dinner or entertain the kids while I make dinner, he helps me clean up the kitchen and he bathes the kids. He gets them in their Jammies and I read them stories, DH tucks them in. It works for us and it helps me stay sane most days. I couldnt do it without him!

  4. It took me until Leyna was 3yo to step out of the major-MOMMY role and try to find “me” again. Thankfully, it got a lot easier with my second child. I think all of use struggle with it at some point or another. LOL@size 6 = delusional. I’m right there with ya. 😉

  5. I’m having a hard time balancing the “pregnant mommy” and the “preschooler mommy”. My big boy demands less physical care then a baby, he can fed himself, he is almost potty trained, he can partially dress himself, but he demands so much more intellectual care then he used to. I feel like my pregnancy is taking away my patience and my ability to regularly expose him to new experiences. I just want to lay on the couch and contract all day, but my big boy deserves so much more. I’m so worried about my ability to balance being a “newborn mommy” with being a “preschooler mommy”. My “wife” role is completely on the wayside right now. My poor poor neglected husband.

  6. I try to balance myself by making sure to spend time with friends (usually lunches during work days), I take some time for myself once a month or so to scrapbook, get a pedicure or something simple. And I also try to keep myself balanced in my marital relationship by having a monthly date night out with my DH. Trying to maintain some of what life was like pre-children, while learning about this new role as mommy. And my daughter is 2 1/2 with another baby on the way!
    I’m not sure I’ll ever master it, but it’s nice to try!

  7. I definitely understand the idea of the balancing act! I struggle balancing my friendships since being a mom. I was only 21 when my DD was born. I was married when I was 20 and we had our surprise little girl a year later. Most of my friends are still in college and drinking/partying every night. When they come back to our hometown for breaks and such, they always ask me if I want to go out. They don’t understand that it isn’t about me anymore. I can’t just go out and get crazy and sleep in the next morning. I have to be thinking about taking care of my family and being their for my little girl. I’ve lost a lot of friends because we aren’t at the same places in our lives. It was very rough for the first few months of my daughter’s life, because I really saw a lot of friends fall off the radar. Now I’m developing new friendships and treasuring the ones that have lasted!

  8. I have found that my best resource are those around me. My parents, my in-laws, my friends and family. They have helped me as a mom take time for myself to be myself and I KNOW i am a better mom for it. I just had to MAKE myself ask for help and it was amazing the response that I got. People wanted to watch my children, even if only for a few hours, so Hubby and I could get out and be adults!! My Hubby has let me have me time, doing things that I love, alone; which we all know if huge! Mom is rarely alone. But, having those few special quiet times to myself has made me more sane, happier, and healthier.

  9. Ah that’s definitely something I relate to. I’ve found too many fellow moms do the same thing. HATE that mommy guilt. It’s taken me this long to realize it’s OKAY to want something for myself. That’s it’s okay to be the best me and mom I can be to want something for myself. I also think it’ll be good for my boys to see that.

    Still, I think I may be delusional sometimes too! 😉

  10. Mum’s are acrobats in disguise. Our lives revolve around having to juggling many things so that the plates don’t fall to the ground. Some days the plates spin in the right direction and don’t tend to wobble.. but other days when we are weary and worn out, the plates are waning and fear of breakage is imminent. We look to those whose hands can grasp and help keep our plates spinning. Life would be an impossible balance without those around us willing to lend a hand.

  11. When I was working and my daughter was at daycare, it was hard for me to feel like a mom all the time. Now that I’ve been at home for almost a year (after my second was born) I pretty much only feel like a mom and realize the importance of getting away a little here and there. So I’ve started taking piano lessons. Yes, I feel a little silly doing this at 27 years old when most people who take lessons are under 10, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s only 30 mins a week, but it is a very fulfilling 30 mins!

  12. I’m working on this. I’ve been “all mom” this past year, and I do love it so much… But the spectre of work, and returning to it, is upon me now… And I find that I’m not outright dreading it anymore. I think it will give me the challenge I need, that “mommyness” doesn’t always provide. And it will give my beautiful girl the opportunity to blossom and make friends and learn and explore with a caregiver and other children. Will I be balanced? No, probably not… But most days, I think this routine will be good for us all. And that Blackberry? It’s going off at five o’clock. 🙂

  13. I am actually pretty lousy at balancing being me, mom and wife. I can also “…count the hours I spend away from the kids in a month on one hand.” I am trying to balance better by getting a babysitter regularly every other Saturday night and stealing some time away by myself in the evenings after the kids go away…like right now:) And…gasp…I actually left my kids overnight in September for our anniversary (though going out of town was not an option)! That’s a start right?!

  14. I definitely struggle with this. My husband is a truck driver. He is gone a lot. So I am the one to take on all the roles while he is gone. We also have 5 children(11,9,7,3,11 mths). It is so hard to find time for myself. I also get so lucky to have difficult babies. The baby sleeps with me every night, he doesn’t sleep well. Most weeks I get a shower twice during the entire week. Some days are obviously better than others. For 12 yrs now I have put my children ahead of me. I think that comes a lot from my own childhood and how I never felt like my parents put us above themselves. I vowed my children would never feel that way. But now I am seeing I have done the opposite. My marriage is suffering and so am I. I have decided to work harder on me. I have decided not every last dime will be spent on the kids and their activities and have actually bought myself some nice things lately. I have started working on myself, on the things I know I want to change.
    I still spend all of my time with the kids, yes that is hard but with a job like hubby’s its our life. I don’t have a lot of options there. But when he is home I try to make sure I get out, even if it is to run to the drugstore for 10 minutes.
    Being a mom is what I was meant to do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be me, of course now I have to figure out who me is.

  15. This strikes a chord, I am a mother as of November and I’m still adjusting to what I consider to be “the new me”. Being a mother has made me more responsible and less lazy; my baby is my number one priority. Which is not to say that I’m Superwoman, sometimes I run out of steam. I’m learning to recognize the warning signs and to ask for help – just a few hours to sleep or to indulge in my hobbies can completely re-energize me. And in order to be the best mommy to my baby, I need to keep sight of me.

  16. Balance…so difficult. While I desperately wanted to be reintroduced to “me”, it was difficult to arrange and stressful finding the time to search. For myself, I have come to the realization that that IS me. I am Mommy. It is who I have morphed into over time, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  17. It’s taken quite a while….but I finally feel like I am starting to find balance between working full time, being a mom of two and a loving wife. After my husband and I both lost our jobs last year, on the same day to boot, I couldn’t juggle anything other than budgeting and being a mom. Now, a year later, DH and I both have jobs, and we are finally settling in. When we both started working again, we struggled to find a new routine, and ended up taking our stress out on each other. A good friend gave me a great piece of advice. She said “Don’t stress out about adjusting to being a working mom. After you’ve been off work for that long….it’s not going to be easy. Give yourself a few months to adjust.”. In hindsight, I was worrying too much about accomplishing everything. I took a step back, and just allowed myself to adjust. If all I was able to do that day was work, be a mom, and cook dinner….I was happy with that. Now that we have made it through the adjustment phase, we are settling into a nice routine. I do my errands and grocery shopping over my lunch break, which allows me more free time with my DD’s. We all sit down to eat together at dinner…even if it’s just grilled cheese! And, my DH and I have a date night every few weeks….courtesy of my MIL babysitting! My best advice is to sometimes just take a step back…and remember that we aren’t perfect…..and that’s ok 🙂

  18. Oh what I have learned by being Me…and Mom! I have been taught that absolutely EVERYTHING is a balance – ranging from stock of toilet paper to remembering to play like a kid with my kids! I have horrible mom guilt and get little glimpses of ME…how I would never leave Macy’s without a new pair of shoes from the clearance rack or just going to the mall for more than a 25 minute trip. These days I’m lucky to fit in a shower and remember to brush my teeth, but do remind myself that it’s okay to sit a while and indulge in music or to schedule a massage. Still working on the date night thing with hubby! Great reminder that we all NEED the balance!

  19. Some days it’s hard to keep up the balancing act. But recently, someone gave me the best advice ever. Don’t feel guilty. When you are spending time with your kids, do it with ALL your heart. Don’t worry about the dishes, or laundry, etc. Just enjoy them. When you go out with girlfriends at night one night a month, don’t feel guilty leaving your hubby or kids. Instead, enjoy and relish in that little time you have.

    I’ve been taking a step back in my life and learning to balance both and enjoy whichever spot I am in at that moment!

  20. It is soooo hard to find a good balance between “mom” and “myself”. For me it is making sure I have those few days a month where I can just unwind and recharge. I have Bunco with my girlfriends one Friday a month. No kids, its last for about 2 hours. Then 2 Thursdays out of the month I leave the kids home with DH and I go to my sister in laws and we watch girly shows and just do a lot of talking. The rest of the month I am “mom”. I love every minute of it and I wouldn’t change a thing. But making time for myself a few days a month makes me a better mom.

  21. I am still trying to find that balance! When DS was born at 29 weeks, I quit working to stay at home with him. He’ll be 2 next month, and DH & I have finally got into a good routine. When DH gets home, he takes over with DS so that I can cook, clean up, have some computer time, or take a shower. It’s nice to have a supportive husband who helps out & gives me those little, well deserved breaks! However, there are still things that I use to enjoy doing that I don’t allow myself the time to do anymore. This is where I’m unbalanced. I really need to figure out a way to allow myself some “me” time. And to not feel guilty over buying something for myself occasionally!

  22. ROFL about your “size 6” comment!!! 🙂
    I have to say, I’ve gotten better at this over time, with 4 kids and 8 years of experience, I think I’ve found a good balance that keeps everyone happy! You know I’m an attachment parent, but still, you have to “fill your own cup” before you can fill anyone else’s!

  23. I’ve been full-on Mom for over seven years and now that my youngest is approaching 3 and I’m almost completely out of “baby mode,” I find it hard to even remember the things I used to enjoy doing just for me. Come September, when my youngest starts preschool, I’ll be alone for about 6 hours each week for the first time in eight years and I think it’s important I find ways to fill that time doing a few things for me……and not just catching up on cleaning and laundry. 🙂

  24. I feel like everyday is a new adventure with my daughters and DH. Someone once said to me, when your kids are young, you are in “survival mode” meaning there will be days to decorate your house, have a garden and go on vacation, but maybe not right now.. With so many people not even able to put food on the table or HAVE a home, I try and be thankful for what I DO have instead of what I don’t. especially when I can get 10-15 minutes to myself to go grab a cup of coffee or…hmmm, sit on the computer 😉

  25. I’m going to admit that most of the time I don’t know who “me” is. I get so wrapped up in being mom that me usually gets lost in there. Every so often though when I am actually driving in the car with no kids, I can turn on the music I want to listen to and feel like me again for a little while. It’s those little away moments by myself when I remember who I am and what I like. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating.

  26. I can relate, for sure! I think I’m fairly balanced, though…my role right now is mommy and to be honest, it scares me to think one of these days my kids won’t need me as much as they do now. When that time comes, I’ll work on doing things that I’ve always wanted to do (run a marathon, take up sewing, etc.), but for now, I’m mommy and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  27. My DH is really great about giving me some time to do things that I love and have some “me” time…however, I find that when I am finally out and about and doing what “I” want, I really do miss my kiddos. Having a great support system is really important in having that balance. My mother in law is always very willing to help us out and give us a date night or two whenever we need 🙂

  28. Oh the woos of mother hood. I am a balance act all the time.
    I love my roles, but how easy they can get out a whack!

    I have found making time to work out and do something for me – has made me more balance because now I like something about me – my body!

    Still working on the rest!

  29. My baby is 7 months old so yes I’m a mom and not much more but I know that my time will come to be “Me” too and sincerely, I can,t wait! I can’t wait either to be a wife again but most of all I can’t wait to be a funny mom. For now I feel like I’m only a mom that can nourish and comfort but I want to have fun too with my kids in a trip around the country. I know my baby is so young, I will be all that soon!

  30. Well it’s kind of scary to step out of the mommy role but when I do I have so much fun.
    When DS was born I never left the house, it was all about my son. Then when DS was 1 1/2 years I went back to work part-time and I really enjoy it as I called it my alone time…even thought I was serving customers LOL!
    DD came and I really noticed I need some ME time as if I didn’t I would go insane. Thank the Lord for my DH as when he comes home I just say I need some ME time and he tells the children come and play as mommy needs some time alone 😉
    I’ll either go for a hot bath or just for a drive and listen to music. I believe now that it’s important to have time alone or even talk to a other grown-ups and talk about grown-up stuff. DH and I still struggle to get out alone but we try at lease once a month to go out without the children and have a conversation without interruptions.

  31. Working part time has given me my balance. I am able to be at home with my boys most of the week, but I get the break I need to be with adults and do something that I really enjoy.

  32. It is so hard…I work part-time, stay home with the kids two days a week, and go to school part-time. I definitely slack off on the housework to help with the balancing act, but I often feel like, on my days with the kids, that it’s something I have to make it through. And I don’t have a lot of close girlfriends in town to do that sort of “me” thing with.

    I found a pretty good balance last semester, when I put a lot of pressure on DH to help me get to the gym. I felt good about myself, and I was doing something really good for myself, too. I’m hoping to get back into that more regularly, even though school just started again and life will get more crazy again!

  33. I will admit, I’m horrible at balancing. I am 100% Mom, 100% of the time, and quite frankly, it’s exhausting! The “Me” who I used to be is so far in the distance that I probably wouldn’t even recognize her if she walked past me!! Good for you for working so hard to find a balance…one day, after my babies are no longer babies, I hope I can do the same!

  34. I was fortunate enough when my oldest son was a baby to find several friends with whom I enjoy spending time and whose kids are the same age as mine. Once a month we try to have a Mom’s Night Out and that really helps me feel like I can just be “Me” and not “Mom” or even Wife.
    My friend Patty always reminds me too that the kids need a break from me and DH just as much as we feel sometimes we need a break from them and so we try to let them spend time with grandma once a month so DH and I can have “we” time.
    And when I’m in Mom zone, I sacrifice a clean house to make time for everything else. Or rather a tidy house. It’s acceptably clean but looks a wreck most days of the week =)

  35. With my situation its very difficult to have any “me” time. My husband works in an oil field that is 12 hours from where we live and his schedule is 28 days working then 14 days home. I also have a partime job at a local hardware store. I am lucky to have friends close and family around to help. Sometimes I feel that it is my job to be the parent and make sure my son has everything when he lacks a father for most the time. I do have a fun hobby that i really enjoy. Motocross. I love it and any chance I find ( mainly when DH is home) I go for it. So as long as I have that I think I’ll appreciate being mommy more.

  36. Oh what a balancing act life is! I have been a mom for almost 7 years now… and I have finally come to a place that I can be myself, or at least the new me.

    I am Mom and some times I am Dad too. Sadly it happens more than I would like, but that is military life. That parenting role never stops.

    But now I have learned that I CAN take time for myself. That doing what I like– what I need –is just as important to me as it is to the kids. They need to see me take a role other than 100 percent Mommy. It shows them women, Mommy, can do great things other than just mommy roles.

  37. i don’t know that i’m that good at the balancing act! i’m still a work in progress! but working full time, having four kids to take care of on top of having to take care of my husband and household, it leaves very little me time.

    thankfully, i’ve negotiated a very flexible schedule with work and have great friends that know when i need a little break from the chaos. how do i find time for myself? usually late at night after everyone is asleep! lol. and i will occassionally have a girls night out to dinner or hang out with my friends and i go to the ocassional stamping/crafting workshops. they are few and far between, but when i do those, it’s exhilarating, i thoroughly enjoy it and it reminds me i need to do it more often!

  38. My balancing act didn’t really start until my first LO was one and a half. Not to say there wasn’t any balancing before then the balance between Mommy Wife Daughter Friend was always there but it wasn’t all that difficult until I got pregnant again. I was one of the lucky ones I was able to stay home with my baby and just be Mom. I got pregnant and even though I was still at home my job got 10 times harder. I was so sick (which didn’t happen the first time). Trying to change diapers fast enough that I didn’t throw up on my baby, or feeding him between trips to the bathroom. It was probably the worst three months of my life… and then it happened. My landlord asked us to move. They wanted to sell the house… we did it we moved I dealt with it I made it through but financially we weren’t going to be able to keep our car payments and our rent after how much moving put us back. We were slipping further and further into debt… It was decided I was 6 months pregnant I hadn’t worked since DS was born but I was leaving my baby and going back to work. It was hard for 18 months I had sworn I wasn’t leaving my child and missing his life to work. My parents both worked I refused to let my children grow up that way. I found myself trying to balance my beliefs on raising my children and being able to afford to live… Before I became a Mom I didn’t understand but life can’t be planned things happen and to survive you need to become flexible otherwise you will break. You hear about it all the time Mom’s snap, and now I understand why.

  39. Unfortunately, I am still trying to find that balance! I think I tend to be a “helicopter mom” at times, and there are reasons that I am overprotective, but I have a hard time separating. I just joined the gym with my mom (was was diagnosed with pre-diabetes recently) and I think I am really going to to try to make this my “me” time.
    Its a healthy habit, so I can’t feel guilty about going, plus it is a good influence for my mom.

  40. I struggle with mommy guilt all the time. I feel guilty for not bringing in an actual income but then I would feel guilty leaving my kids in daycare when I’d rather be with them myself. Just like you, I can count on one hand the hours I spend away from my children in a month as well. I just don’t do it. I want to but I don’t want to. Everyone, my DH included, tells me to get me time but then I feel sad when my kids miss me and want to hurry home. I am finally taking some time and going on my first trip ever by myself to the So. Cal. gathering. My DH was the one telling me to do it and I was coming up with reasons why maybe I should stay home. I cry thinking about leaving my kids and it is still months away! I do know that it is good for me and it is good for them and I will get lots of hugs and kisses when I get home but thinking about them missing me makes me guilty and anxious. Oh well, hopefully I’ll come back a happy and refreshed mommy! 🙂

  41. Since my husband just left for deployment today I have a brand new challenge in trying to find balance in my life. I am going to need to ensure that I balance my life between being a single parent, a long distance wife, and ensuring I take time for myself. I have decided that Anna will get special mommy only time once a month and I will make sure that I take time without the kids once a month for me. Then when my husband comes home, we’ll have to completely re-do the balancing act!

  42. I WOH, which means that I always end up spending every non-workday hour with DD. That also leaves zero time for me. I decided I needed a change. DH and I both love snowboarding, so Saturday mornings are my dedicated snowboarding days. I either leave DD with DH or with my parents and take a quick drive up to the mountains. After just a few runs, I’m “me” again. I try to make it back in time to put DD down for her nap (and sometimes nap with her ;)) and then we spend Saturday afternoon as a family. At first, I was reluctant to spend even just a few precious hours away from DD, but all in all, it’s great for us. She gets to spend quality time with Daddy or Grandma/Grandpa, and I get a chance to recharge my batteries.

  43. After having my first child 4 years ago, the balancing act for a new mom is wildly known by all moms. It was wonderful discovering the joy of motherhood… and then the reality of it all sets in as well. 🙂 I felt guilty going back to work when baby was 4 months old, but I loved having contact with the adult world again, even for a few hours. Now that we’re trying for #2 it will be a different dynamics in the family. The “baby” is now a big girl, independent, going to preschool, sassy, dramatic girly-girl who is ordering a baby sister in the future. lol! I’m worried a little about jealousy over the new baby and even how my love would spread among the two kids. But I know that motherhood is always a balancing act with your heart that is always a challenge worth going through.

  44. Most people roll their eyes at me when I say this but I find my mommy time by putting my family first and serving them. It sounds strange. I rely on the goodness of my husband to put my needs first as I am putting his needs first. This of coarse becomes more difficult when he is working a lot but my time comes eventually. He is always amazing at making sure I get out to my mommy groups and womens bible study, as well as taking the kids so I can go out with friends. After a really busy couple of weeks at work he had surprised me and arranged to have the kids spend the night at his parents house while he was working one night so I could have a quiet night and a nice long sleep in.

  45. I still find it hard sometimes to balance me & mommy. My oldest son is almost 10!!! This article was awesome – because it makes you step back and think, I was someone before I became soneones mom 🙂

  46. I find that contentment in mommy-hood goes in fits and spurts for me. i work p/t, so on those days i feel particularly crazy and even though i only see my dd a couple of hours in that day, i serve children all day at work so i feel like i need time off. when i’m home with her and we’re having a relaxed morning – sleeping in, tickling each other, cuddling, reading books – i love it and want more of it. but i am human, and when i’m low on sleep, haven’t eaten enough and she’s whiny as all get out, i’ll admit i feel a little bonkers. i’m not sure balance is possible once you become a parent. i think that intrinsically, parenthood is about being selfless, being sacrificial – something that isn’t emphasized much in our culture. so adding children ultimately means giving of yourself beyond what you usually do. that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t take care of themselves, but i think balance doesn’t necessarily happen when (especially on a regular basis) you have little ones.

  47. I find balance by remembering that everyone benefits from it, not just me. My kiddos love to spend time with family and friends and I am a much better mommy for working PT and spending a bit of time on myself. It is very tempting to be their “everything” but I try hard to let other people have a turn to spend special time with the kids as well.

  48. So many great comments! It’s good to be reminded that we are all in the same boat when it comes to the challenges of being a Mommy! No matter what our personal situations are we all have to make sacrifices to manage our time and our commitments to ourselves and our families!!

  49. It is so hard to find the balance between mom and me. So much of my time is taken up with my kids. I do try to get away once a week even if it is just to the store. I am fortunate to have my mom living with us so I can leave them with her, usually while they are napping. It keeps me sane.

  50. Balancing Mom and Me changes every 2 weeks. My husband work schedule has him gone 2 weeks at a time and then 2 weeks home. I’m still trying to figure out how to make this work! When he’s gone, it’s like I’m a single mom, caring for our 2 kids by myself. There is VERY little time for myself. So when my husband is home, I find that sometimes I take a little too much time for myself. I feel like I am almost there, because realizing this is the first step. Right? But I know I will always be walking the tight rope of life finding that balance. Hopefully most of the time it will be smooth and straight. I know that won’t always be the case though. Sometimes it will be bumpy, there may be too many people trying to walk the rope with me and sometimes may even turn into a slack rope. But what is life with a little fun at the circus? 😉

  51. For me having balance starts at the beginning of every day. After my kids are fed I get ready for the day. I take a shower, I do my hair, I do my makeup, and I wear a nice outfit. It’s just jeans and cute top, but never sweats. I hate feeling like a fumpy mom so I always give myself enough time in morning to make myself look nice, even if the only people who will see me all day are my kids. I exercise almost every day during nap time. My 2 year old sleeps and my 5 year old plays a video game or watches TV. I refuse to feel guilty about using the TV as a babysitter for a half hour while I get some much needed exercise in. Another way to find balance, and probably the most important one, is having a supportive husband. When my husband is home he is 100% daddy. He doesn’t leave all the parenting up to me. He plays with the kids, helps get them ready for bed, and entertains them so I can get things done.

  52. I have always been very independent and I need alone time in order to stay sane. Then again, my older baby has a disability so we have a super intense schedule of medical stuff, Physio, etc. My family really supports my time to myself – hubby says “happy mommy is happy family” – so true! But at the end of the day, things are so busy that even with the support, finding the time for “my time” is challenging. I need to book it in the calendar to be sure to do it, but sometimes the last thing I want is something else in the calendar! Yup – the balancing act is hard! But having a supportive family / community around me is the most important way to achieve it :-).

  53. I have been so many versions of mommy in the last 4 years that its hard to remember that there is a ‘me’!
    I’ve found that going back to work part time has helped immensely – a few hours where I am just an adult, talking to other adults.
    Then I pick up my 3.5 year old, and it’s all over!

  54. As a new mom just recently back to work I find it difficult to balance all three of myselves (professional, mom, and me). It’s definitely taking adjusting. Me definitely gets the short end of the stick. My plan to balance out my three identities and give me a bit more voice is to take one day off a month and to do something I enjoy while DS is in daycare. Tomorrow (which happens to be a holiday at work) will be my first “me” day. My DH and I are going shopping sans baby, having lunch together and going to a movie for the first time since DS was born! Can’t wait 😀

  55. Well, after almost 2 and a half years, I’m finally seeming to get it! It’s not an easy thing to juggle, that’s for sure!

    I knit. Weird, but yeah. It’s my ‘me’ time. I am a stay at home mom, so it’s really hard to get my me time. It was my new years resolution to open an etsy shop and I finally did it! I demand my time to knit (I’ve been doing it ALL DAY today! **shock**) My DH is away for work alot, so this is my way of ‘being away for work’.

    It helps to have an awesome DH. He’s really supportive and gives me the time I need!

    So ya, that’s my little thing, as old lady as it sounds, LOL!

  56. In this season of my life it can be hard to stay balanced at times. I have 4 kids and one more on the way. We homeschool so my life can get pretty centered around the kidos. What I struggle with the most (and what helps me the most when I do it) is spending time with my husband and spending time with friends that are in the same season of life as I am.

  57. So nice to hear that other people struggle as I do to find the balance of Me/Mom time. I just try to approach everything I do with the attitude of doing the best I can, but not getting hung up on the guilt of what else I could/should be doing. I just had my second baby 6 weeks ago and a lot of the me time I had when I just had one has gone out the window. I am setting small goals for myself each week and just trying to do better to keep balanced.

  58. i do a horrible job of bein me and mommy at the same. since three kids have come into my life seems like i am 24/7 in mommy mode. i think hubby and i need to put something on the calendar set in stone for date nights or something fun like that so we dont forget who we are and dont forget about each other!

  59. I just had my second child a few months ago and it has been a big change all over again trying to find a balance. I know it takes time but things are finally getting back to ‘normal’ and I manage to find some “me” time even if it’s just at night after they are both in bed. Grandparents are great for providing some relief now and then too.

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