Now that I am back in the office and the shine has worn off of having me here, I thought I would write this blog about being back in the office for the first time in a year.  It is so amazing to be back and so entirely weird to me as well.  As I sit here hammering away at the keys I can’t help but realize there are people around me, watching me, judging me. (Just kidding) I don’t have my trusty dog at my feet, I’m not in my slippers and robe, how do people work like this?  On the other hand, there is a coffee machine; I can get answers on questions and deadlines in an instant simply by poking my head in an office door.  I know my situation is unique but I can’t help but wonder, what is it like for others just getting back to work? Maybe some pregnancy leave or a downturn in the economy had you away and now you are back? How do you cope with this strange new world you used to know and now are re-introducing yourself to? For me it’s easy, I have nothing really worrying me at home, my dog is independent, the floors and painting at our new place will get done in time. How do you cope with having a child at home and being away for the first while? I have nothing like that aside from a job seeking girlfriend and a dog that needs some love now and again. While I miss them and want to be around them the entire time still, being at work is almost a small freedom from the everyday.  I have been insanely productive because there are no hang ups in communication, when new projects or ideas happen I can act on them instantly.  I am a lean, mean, working machine and if you read any of my previous posts, I now have a stop point to my day; I can clock out and since I don’t have internet set up at our new apartment I won’t be tempted to log in to check work emails etc.  It’s going to be so boring at home! (Or at least till I get my Xbox back up)

I honestly am very excited to be working back in the office, surrounded by my friends and working from a real desk. There is something to be said about being part of the outside world again. Having a commute, although it’s only 5 minutes, is a novel concept to me. I have a second part of my day it seems now. While this is all somewhat freeing to me and lets me work more efficiently, I still think about my GF at home and our dog, I want to be around them again while I work but I don’t imagine it’s anything compared to what it’s going to be like with our first child at home.  I know there is maternity and paternity leave to help but to me, without the worry, this just seems so easy to come back! Me wanting to be able to look up from a spreadsheet or email and throw the ball for Doogie is nothing compared to what a parent might be feeling that first day back.

We are a tight nit group here at Go-Go Babyz and me coming back was like a homecoming after college. These people are my good friends, my family and I couldn’t be happier to be here. I don’t have to deal with getting to know a bunch of new people. Our office is small enough that there aren’t any cliques, well there is only one and we are all in it. The transition back to work is so different for everyone, who or what you are leaving at home, where you are headed back to and why you left. From the birth of children, to being laid off, higher education to specialization there are many reasons to leave and return to work.  Not to suck up too hard but I am extremely grateful to have a job, a great place that let me work remotely to support my GF and keep my chair warm for when I got back. Although my chair was busted and missing a wheel when I came into the office so I don’t know what to make of that? What about you? How did you find it getting back to work after being away for so long?

Cole Straub

Project Manager & Uncle