2 comments on “Routinely Routine

  1. I am not sure how I would live without the routines. The bedtime routine is probably the most important routine in our life since having kids. If the kids don’t get to bed on time, we are sure to pay for it the next day. It has been a lesson learned, over and over again. One of the things that I think I appreciate about the kids sports activities, is that it actually breaks up the normal routine a couple days a week.

    And when vacation or summer hits, after a long school year of routines, I am anxious for the change. However, once we are halfway through the summer I am just as anxious and crave the routine of the school year. It always amazes me how that need for comfort and routine is sought after awhile. For me, routine often equals that happy place of balance for a period of time.

  2. I am a lover of routines, schedules, rules, timelines, calendars – you name it. If it has boundaries, I love it. I even spreadsheet my priorities so I make sure my daily activities are in line with what I care most about. OCD? Perhaps. But it works for me. Becoming a mom has challenged every fiber of my ‘to do list loving’ being. It turns out children don’t come with schedules! During the initial roller coaster of having a newborn I decided I had to have control over something so I decided if I could just get up and make the bed, I would be ok for the rest of the day. Initially having one small thing I could completely control made everything else easier. As Harper has gotten older, I appreciate the freshness and spontaneity she brings to my life simply by just being a toddler who doesn’t care if we are rich or poor, ugly or beautiful, whether our teeth are brushed or our wardrobes are current. She just wants our attention and when I am able to just stop and be in the moment with her, I am grateful that she is here to remind me that it’s probably just as important to leave the bed messy every now and then as it is to make it most of the time.

    Also, for pure fun, I love watching a really bad movie with a giant bag of peanut M & Ms. 🙂

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