As we get further and further settled into our routines now that my GF and I are back for good, I thought it would be smart to blog about the everyday, the mundane; our routines.  It’s important to have a routine for doing some tasks. It keeps you on schedule, it keeps you moving and it lets you get the day over and done.  Routines are like rituals. Things we do in a certain order, a certain way.  Some people do certain foods on a rotation; some have a wind down routine after work. Maybe you grocery shop the same day every week? The point is that nearly all of us use this technique to manage our lives. It can be a great tool. It provides structure, regularity and helps keep us and our things to do in sync.  Parents of kids have to know what I am talking about. School, sports, after school programs the daily list grows and grows. Hell, I can’t even imagine what a day in the life of either Kevin or Kerry. Get up, get yourself rolling, wake the kids, make the breakfast, get them out the door, get to work, arrange to get the kids, sports practice, have dinner planned, make sure they do homework, showered, teeth brushed and back in bed, repeat.  Without a steady routine that would be insane to manage!

The problem is that routines can also be so incredibly boring, dragging you into the obscurity of your own life, well as least as a couple in your late twenties early thirties.  Without a real chaos to manage, not that Kerry and Kevin’s kids are chaotic, (they are actually the cutest things walking this earth next to my dog), routines can also be a bit of a trap.  Rather than getting out and enjoying our free time we often find ourselves sitting on the couch curled up with one another. Now I am all for some couch cuddling, but I know there are times when it feels like I have fallen into a rut.  Our guest blogger The Momma Duck talked about being absorbed into the “Mom vs the Me” and while I don’t have kids, and I am not a woman, I can begin to appreciate what she means.  The same routines that let us handle a hectic workload, or after work schedule, can also prevent us from breaking free and enjoying life.  Since my GF and I don’t have any kids yet, there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t be out having a little fun!  So one of my new goals is to have a little more fun in the evenings.  What do you do to get away from the routine? Hiking? Free days at the Museum? New little dive bars and restaurants?  I encourage you all to take a minute and think about the little things you do to break out of the routine now and then. Maybe generate some ideas here for others to try? My GF and I decided we are going to try to get our to our local pool hall and have a few pints now and again to mix it up a little, what about you?

Cole Straub

Project Manager & Uncle