Having Just returned from a mini vacation with my loving GF I thought I would write this week about the many hats we all wear.  More than just Mom, Dad, Husband and wife; We all fill so many roles at work and even on vacation.  Working for a family orientated small business, it is essential that everyone does all they can to keep it going. I know you may think that Go-Go Babyz is some booming corporate Juggernaut (Just give me a few years and Kevin and I will make it happen) but we are in fact a true down to earth small business.

For instance it is not uncommon for our MBA Vice President to be out in the warehouse covered in sweat from helping fill shipments and doing inventory management.  Our President is not afraid to jump into anything that needs to be done, and they both do this while being awesome parents to two seriously great kids and a house full of dogs.  The reality is that this is what it takes to make things work.  I am the unofficial IT help desk, warehouse assistant, project manager, social media manager and assistant marketing manager…. And I brew a mean cup of Keurig Coffee. Everyone here at the office does whatever they can to keep this company rolling.  It’s a fact in small business but more and more I realize it’s the same in our outside lives (when we have time for them).

On our latest mini vacation, my GF and I hoofed it up to Yosemite for a mini retreat.  Now to make a vacation relaxing and peaceful, you still have to work your ass off.  I know I say this a lot in my blogs, but as  a couple it has to be infinitely easier than what Kerry and Kevin go through adding kids to the mix.  You need a trip planner, a schedule of sorts to make sure you can see what you want to, a cook,  fire starter,  driver, navigator and a money manager.   In most cases my GF keeps us organized and I am the workhorse. I don’t know if you caught our sponsored video on dadlabs but I am definitely the pack mule of the relationship. As I wrote above this is what it takes to make it work.  There are all kinds of hats to wear in a relationship just like at a small office.  It’s about sacrificing here and there for something you love, and my GF is all right too (jk).  Getting away is amazing when you can but the hats always come along.  I am scared and excited to see what it takes to do it all with kids. Hell, when we got back we spoiled our dog rotten we missed him so much and that was only for four days! Being on the border of marriage and kids but being surrounded by it all at the office really gives me an insight and I am starting to appreciate all that needs to be done more and more.

Think about all the roles you play every day at work, at home, even when you are away and “relaxing”.  So think about all you do, then think about all that your partner does too, what your boss does, and you start to feel a little more connected and appreciative.  We all wear many hats, some we wear better than others but the key to life is not being afraid to at least try another one on.

Cole Straub

Project Manager and Uncle.