I have been reminded on more than one occasion on how lucky I am to be in this entirely odd position in life.  I am lucky to have a GF who has already hinted she won’t leave me if I ask her to marry me. We have an absolutely amazing little practice child in our Dog, Doogie Bowser.  I work in the Juvenile industry for a company run by experienced and awesome parents.  It’s like I get the free preview of the big show of life.  It’s amazing how much there is to learn about just products for children and all the safety that goes (in some cases should) into their creation. I have learned everything from common issues about diaper rash and changing to the stress points on a properly designed stroller. I have read product reviews and submissions from new inventors, I read mom and dad bloggers because it’s part of my job.  I live the life of a father of five sometimes.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been out with my GF and a lady walks by with a stroller and I turn and stare.  The sad thing is even my GF knows now that I am not checking the yummy mummy but rather inspecting her stroller, seeing how the kid likes it and how it rolls.  What is wrong with me?  Don’t get me wrong, I am super lucky to get a preview peek of all the madness. I am confident that I have a huge advantage when it comes to picking out all the gear that comes with raising a child. But is knowing all there is to it?  I mean, I have read about all the terrors and joys, all the worries and scenarios and I am not fazed anymore.  Is that a good thing? Kerry always jokes that the young ones here in the office, which are now all getting married and having kids, are already pros before we enter the game.

Real world experience almost always gives an advantage over fancy book learnin’. So will I choke when the real thing is in my hands? I mean my dog is a perfect example of my awesomeness in training and raising an animal. He is smart, knows the rules but likes to test them now and again, he talks and he can even dance on command.  That’s the first thing parents practice with babies too right?  The more I think about what I know the more I think how different it’s going to be when the family stage of my life actually hits full swing.  I look at Kevin and Kerry and how great their kids are and how they pulled it all off and still manage to run a successful company and think, I can do that too right?  The truth is I am looking forward to going pro in life; however I will continue to enjoy my amateur status while I have it.

Cole Straub

Project Manager & Uncle