2 comments on “On Any Given Day: Small Business in the USA

  1. It almost amuses me to think that we had it right in the very beginning with our US molds, tools, and manufacturing. The satisifaction that came from hammering the push caps on the axles and taping the product boxes closed was endless. When it came time to make a new mold, our personal investment had run low and we would not have been able to make a new mold if we didn’t have the option to move over seas. There was a new thrill when a container of finished product arrived here completely boxed. I actually thought that it meant we were learning, expanding and growing. The funny thing is that now, as we explore US manufacturing again, we continue to find it out of our range and hard to locate. Everyone wants the home run account. No one wants to take on the new projects that haven’t yet reached 10 million in sales. It’s like we are killing ourselves waiting for the big fish. We praise people on their success and punish those who haven’t yet reached it. Even all the freight guys will reward you with massive shipping discounts on volume and ding you when you are small. Now how exactly does that help the small business. Isn’t it the small guys that need the discounts the most?

  2. Thank you so much for that. It is such a huge issue and can feel so overwhelming, but with baby steps each of us can make a difference. I am now researching made in America sites and doing my best to really be mindful of where I buy and what I buy.
    Your blog just made me want to redouble my efforts to support America and OUR local and small businesses.

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