2 comments on “Six Tips for International Travel

  1. Here are a just a few basic International Travel Tips I thought I would share. They might seem simple and basic but those are some of the things that are often overlooked but can really make a difference. I like simplicity and try not to over-complicate anything. So, it’s a short list and I know there are so many useful tips out there so all of you veteran travelers out there please share your travel tips and experiences.
    1. check passport

    2. check money

    3. check visa is vaild date


  2. It is important to plan when going on holiday anywhere but even more so when you are traveling with children. One tip I would give you when looking at traveling with children is to look at the child-friendly travel companies, they can provide you with child-safe accommodation and they often are able to provide you with pushchairs and other items that you might need so you don’t have to bring it all with you.

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