barcelonaAs you can probably gather from some of my previous posts I have not always been the best traveler so, I love tips and hearing other people’s experiences so I can continue to get better. I eat up anything that will help me be prepared and become a better traveler.  Over the years I have become a much better traveler and the more I travel the better I get. Trust me, I always love being wherever our destination is, it’s the getting there that I would struggle with. International trips are still the hardest for me for pretty obvious reasons; longer flights, longer layovers, different languages and so on.  In addition, I start thinking of all the horror stories people have shared over the years and I start to worry about things that might happen.

Practice makes perfect. Our last international trip was to Spain for business and pleasure so we took the kids, which usually intensifies any anxiety I might have but, we had a blast and the travel portion was quite bearable for me.  I actually enjoyed the entire trip from start to finish.  What makes me a better traveler is being prepared, researching, and most importantly, remembering to be present to enjoy the journey! It makes a better trip for everyone.

Here are a just a few basic International Travel Tips I thought I would share. They might seem simple and basic but those are some of the things that are often overlooked but can really make a difference.  I like simplicity and try not to over-complicate anything. So, it’s a short list and I know there are so many useful tips out there so all of you veteran travelers out there please share your travel tips and experiences.

  1. Check your passport’s expiration date; if it will have 6 months or less on it when you will be traveling get a new one, some countries will not accept it. Check it as soon as you know when you will be traveling – just in case. You know how efficient government agencies can be and you don’t want to pay to have the process expedited.
  2. Make two photocopies of each passport. Leave one at home with a close friend or relative and leave the other in a safe place where you are staying in case you happen to lose the original.
  3. Along those lines, let a close friend or relative know what your general itinerary is.
  4. Check the exchange rates so you can get an idea of what your money will be worth AND always exchange some before you depart to have when you arrive
  5. Do some research with the kids and get them excited. Let them help plan some of the activities.
  6. Make the journey part of the vacation and plan some fun things to do with the kids on the flight to keep them engaged, involved and entertained.

– Happy Travels!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad