ABC2010 094The signs of summer are beginning to show. The morning traffic is lessening, the endless piles of returned homework and school projects are beginning to disappear and as that final bell  draws near the kids are becoming restless and impatient; daydreaming about the longest break of the year. It’s time to do the summer shuffle once again.

I too long for the summer break again before the first month of a new school year begins. No lunches to make, homework to review, papers to sign…you get the point. How quickly I forget that the long awaited prize of any school year is the hardest six weeks to plan for working parents. Yes, the summer shuffle begins. It’s time to call in all the support from family, friends, baby sitters, day camps; working tirelessly to create a schedule for the kids so Kerry and I can actually accomplish something over the next six weeks. Fortunately, Kerry is a master planner when it comes to the kids so she handles the majority.

The finished product? A beautiful, well organized and well planned schedule for the summer! Ugh! It looks like an executive calendar. Just replace all the details with strategy meetings, conference calls, trade shows and all the other good stuff we fill our calendars with and it is. What about summer?

The summer shuffle is important for working families but don’t get too caught up in it. I know we have to do what we have to do so we can work but don’t forget what summer is all about and remember to plan some family time. It’s all about balance, work some play some. Even if all you can manage is to go in to work late once a week so you can do something fun with the kids or a stay-cation 20 minutes from home for a short trip. Whatever it takes to be involved and participate in one of their favorite times of the year.

– Happy Summer
Kevin Williams
VP & Dad