We just introduced our Wagon Stroller a little over a month ago and I have been hearing the question “What makes your Wagon Stroller different from other kids wagons?” a lot. So, I decide to answer it in our blog.radio-flyer-classic

Who doesn’t remember the little red wagon of from their past; the radio flyer wagon. I have some fond memories of my wagon, not to mention some painful ones resulting from some of the stunts my friends and I would try and pull off with it; Flying down hills steering with the handle, tying a rope to the handle to be towed by a friend on his bike or just holding the rope and “waterskiing” from behind a bike. It was all good fun despite any road rash or goose eggs on the head.

But I digress. After our own kids out grew the Travelmate and their baby strollers we noticed on vacations that there were still times that they didn’t want to walk because they were so tuckered out from the day’s activities.  We always saw people using these little wagons, plastic ones, wooden wagons, folding wagons, utility wagons and even the radio flyer wagon to transport their kids around as if it were a stroller. Great idea right? Sure, except that these different wagons are NOT strollers and do not have all the safety features that a baby stroller has.  So we thought, would if we designed a wagon stroller? One that was designed to meet the ASTM safety standards for strollers that could be used as a single stroller, a double stroller, or just a wagon cart to lug around your tuckered out older kids and all their gear?  So we did. Behold the all new Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller.

So, what makes your Wagon Stroller different from other kids wagons you ask?

  • As I mentioned above we designed it to meet the ASTM safety standards for strollers.
  • Accommodates 1 or 2 cushioned seats with a 5-point safety harness (optional).
  • It has a rear foot brake not found on any other wagon.
  • It comes with a standard wagon pull handle as well as a rear push handle so it can be pushed like a stroller (extended, curved handle option available for added comfort. Standard on the single or double stroller models).
  • Larger rear wheels for better stability and handling on a variety of terrain.
  • Larger side-to-side AND front-to-back wheel base for better stability and to prevent tipping.

Inspired by the radio flyer wagon of our past and influenced by the style of the current utility wagons and folding wagons it is different than any other wagon on the market. It is truly a Wagon Stroller, whether you need a single stroller, double stroller, or just a wagon cart, our Wagon Stroller will meet your needs and provide the comfort and safety you want for your kids.

Wagon Stroller

– Wagon On!
Kevin Williams
VP & Dad