Wagon Stroller
Nolan Tired After a Day of Soccer

You ever see a great product out there and say to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?” I have done that a lot, still do actually. As you probably can guess, I have also created products based on those ideas at Go-Go Babyz. Sometimes I tell myself I should have just left it as an idea because running a manufacturing business can be pretty stressful. But I digress. The innovation and design is a collaboration of all the creative minds at Go-Go Babyz, I don’t take sole credit for any one product. Despite the headaches that come with running a business it is pretty neat to see a product being used by a stranger that all started in your head. Especially when it is making their life easier.

That is the basic concept of the creation of Go-Go Babyz; making life easier for busy parents. Our very first product that we designed was born from an idea when we were traveling with our 6 month old son for the first time. What a hassle it was getting through the airport with a car seat, diaper bag, a stroller and all the other baby gear, not to mention our own stuff. That product is the gogokidzTravelmate – the original car seat stroller.

Recently we introduced the Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller but we have been developing it for a few years now. Throughout the process of testing different prototypes we got plenty of “that’s a great idea” & “why didn’t I think of that.” See, most of the products we develop are based on products that we want to use with our own kids. As we are out and about with our kids we often think to ourselves “there has to be a better way” and the wheels of innovation start turning.

Our kids have been out of car seats and strollers for a while now but we have found ourselves in situations where we had too much gear and some tired kids that are just too big to be carried. We actually tried using a utility wagon at a beach resort and to haul all the beach gear to our spot and a kid who was tired of walking. Well, that just didn’t work so well. A little later Kerry was head coach for our daughter’s softball team and she had to lug a lot of gear to and every practice and every game and it was not a quick jaunt to the diamond. She used the utility cart but it just didn’t handle very well over the field and other terrain. Once again we thought “there has to be a better way.”

Back on that beach is where the Wagon Stroller idea started and a couple moths later when Kerry was coaching we decided that we really need to do this. We knew our kids didn’t necessarily need a stroller anymore but we thought that we would have loved to have a folding wagon that was designed with all the safety features of a standard single or double stroller. So three plus years in the making the Go-Go Babyz Wagon Stroller is out and available for all to enjoy. We use it ourselves with our kids even though they are older. We love to take it to the farmers market and throw all our stuff in it and if one of the kids gets tired of walking they can hop on in. We also use it for lugging all the soccer gear to the field and after the game if our super star goalie is tuckered out he can hop in too.

There is plenty more that we do with it but I’m tired of writing. I hope all of you enjoy it as much as we do. There is so much it can do and it really does make life easier when you are out and about with your kids and all their gear.

Happy Outings!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad