By Kevin Thompson – Backup Care

When it comes to parenting, there are almost as many incorrect myths and pieces of bad advice as there are scientifically sound facts passed around. From the moment you announce your impending addition to the family, you’ll be inundated with unsolicited advice of questionable veracity. These ten developmental facts, however, are among those that you should arm yourself with so that you are prepared and well informed about your little one’s growth.

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Very interesting article on child development. It is definitely a good read and gets you thinking. Some items may be controversial and open up the window for a variety of     opinions. I know from raising children that you can get 10 different answers from 10 different parents who were all asked the same question. Can anyone relate? The last point is my favorite and I agree 100%. I don’t know what Kerry and I would have done if we didn’t have the help of family and friends.

Take a moment and read the entire article and I would love to hear your comments and opinions. Feel free to stat a discussion here or on the original.

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad