Currently I have two jobs – Vice President of Go-Go Babyz and I am a member of a start up team for a mobile app company scheduled to launch later this year. Go-Go Babyz is full-time and the start up is inching closer every day. You might

Organic Fruits & Vegetables
Harvest Time!

wonder how I find time to do anything but work. It is definitely challenging and takes some creativity but it must be done. All work and no play is no life to have, at least not for me. There is a long list of things I love to do but my four of my biggest passions are mountain biking, trail running, cooking and gardening. What makes these really great is that I can include my family in all of them. My son recently got his first mountain bike and I get him out every once in a while and I get the whole family, dogs included, out on the trails when I run. Gardening and cooking with the kids is a no-brainer in my house; they both love to participate in both activities.

All of these activities bring me joy and peace and are also a great way to relieve stress. This post is about gardening. I don’t have a huge backyard but I have become very creative with the space available. I have a ton a vegetables and quite a few fruit and nut trees. There is nothing better than walking in the back yard and harvesting some fresh fruits and vegetables for a snack or meal; truly “farm” to table. The last few years I have started gardening at the Go-Go Babyz warehouse. One of our neighbors had these wooden shipping crates that they were just throwing away. I always thought to myself “what a waste.” So I started grabbing some and using them for storage at the warehouse then one day it dawned on me that these bins were the perfect size for container gardening. The first year I started with just a few containers and it went so well I have added more every year. This spring I filled a dozen containers. Three are permanent with dwarf citrus tress but I grow lettuce or herbs on the edges. The rest are filled with everything from tomatoes, onions, beets, carrots, squash and a variety of peppers. I always joke that if Go-Go Babyz needs more sales I will open up a produce stand; diversification.

I try to eat organic foods whenever so everything is grown organically. It is always comforting to know that my food is both fresh and organic. What a reward for all the hard work, both in the garden and the office, to be able to pick something fresh and eat it immediately or prepare a meal with the freshest ingredients. Because I spend a lot of time gardening and prepare delicious meals with the harvest, my kids have really taken a liking to gardening. They don’t spend as much time as I do but they love to join me for a while. And every time they visit the office they want to go out back and check out garden and water it if it needs it. It’s a win-win; I get to spend quality time with my kids, grow healthy food for them, pass on some great skills and teach them about health & nutrition.

5 Tips for Organic Container Gardening:

  1. Use organic potting soil – not planting mix or soil, there is too much nitrogen in it and it can burn the roots
  2. Plant organic – start with organic seeds or seedlings
  3. Use organic plant food or fertilizer if you use any
  4. If you have a bug/pest/fungus problem only use organic remedies
  5. Get to know the vegetable expert at your local nursery – they have a wealth of knowledge and love to share

Some of these may seem obvious but it can be easy to plant some organic seeds and find out you have a pest or fungus problem and use a non-organic product without thinking.

Go-Go Babyz Garden
Go-Go Babyz Garden










Happy Harvesting,

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad