In the San Jose Mercury News Sunday paper on 7/7/13 there was an article that caught my attention; “Too Little Too Soon.” In her article 20130702__0707bikini~1_300 discusses the topic of bikinis and young girls. This grabbed me right off the bat as my daughter is eight and trying to keep her wearing age appropriate clothing, swim suits included, is a challenge. My daughter has had two bikinis over the last couple years and I have not been okay with either of them. The swim suits were both purchased as gifts and I have let the gift giver know, respectfully, that I do not think a bikini is appropriate for a girl my daughter’s age and to please refrain from purchasing one for her. Maybe I am a little opinionated because I am a father and that’s my little girl, but the bottom line is I am not okay with it. I just do not understand why young girls in elementary school need to wear skimpy swim suits and why apparel designers even make bikinis for such a young age group is beyond me.

The article is a great read and provides insightful information about the psychological development of young girls. It also discusses the effect on body image and self-esteem as influenced by the median and how we as parents discuss these issues with our daughters.  I found the article very helpful and enlightening. I definitely do not want my 8-year old wearing a skimpy bikini but at the same time I do not want to foster any negative body image or self-esteem issues either.

Read the article and I would love to hear your comments, opinions and experience with any of the related topics.

Happy Swim Suit Shopping,

Kevin Williams,
VP & Dad