back2schoolI just can’t believe how fast the summer break goes by these days. It seems to get shorter and shorter every year. At this rate the summer break will only be a month long in a year or two. Usually by the end of July I am begging for the first day of school to get back in to a normal routine and get these crazy kids to settle down. It’s not even the end of July yet and we have already received our school supply list for the upcoming school year. Are you kidding me? I haven’t even settled in to summer yet. But this year we went to get the supplies right away. When I say we I mean Kerry. I hate school supply shopping. It seems to take forever and the list is so specific I can never find everything. We usually wait for the weekend before the start of school and everything is gone by then.

Back to the point of this. When I was in school I didn’t go back until after Labor Day. Now the kids are getting out 2/3 of the way through June and go back the week before Labor Day. Come on, they hardly have a chance to relax and enjoy the summer. Like I said, usually I can’t wait for school to start just to end the summer shuffle and actually get some real work done. Running Go-Go Babyz takes a lot of work which never really ends when you own the business. Doing it as a husband and wife with kids makes it even more difficult, especially in the summer. That being said, summer is when we get to spend some quality time with the kids and go on some vacations and excursions we can’t during the school year. This break has gone by so fast I forgot to plan much of anything. I haven’t even had a chance to take the kids to the beach this year. I love the beach and am rarely able to get there and it looks like it might be a beach-less summer for me.

The good news is I write this on the eve of our annual vacation with the whole family where we head to the hills for a while for some good old summer fun. The bad news is, it looks like this year the trip marks the end of summer. I guess if the summer breaks are going to get shorter I better start planning ahead better in the future.

Gotta go, gotta pack!

Happy Back to School!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad