With the release of the Mini Travelmate we get a lot of questions about the Mini Travelmate compared to the original

Original Travelmate (QRKIDZ)
Original Travelmate (QRKIDZ)

Travelmate model QRKIDZ. The Mini Travelmate is designed to serve the same purpose as the original; turn your toddler car seat into an airport stroller. Therefore the function of both products are the same. The differences are in the design and how they function.

The idea behind the Mini Travelmate is to provide a more compact and economical version of the original Travelmate. To accomplish this the large plastic plate has been eliminated from the Mini and replaced with two smaller cross plates. This reduces the weight of the product and minimizes the amount of raw materials needed for production resulting in a lighter and more eco-friendly product. The two cross plates provide a mounting place or the quick-release ratchet strap that is used to secure the car seat to the Mini Travelmate. In addition, the cross plates provide strength and stability. The other major difference is the Mini Travelmate has a metal support bar that folds down to provide support for the car seat. Car seats today are getting bigger and bigger and the support bar is designed to address that.


The design modifications’ net result is a lighter more compact and less expensive version of the Travelmate that delivers the same convenience and maneuverability.

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Happy Travelmating,

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad