IMG_8853If you read my back to school post you know that our family didn’t do too much this summer in terms of vacations or excursions. We did, however, get to do a few day trips. It’s amazing what you can find to do in a day all within a few hours’ drive; depending on where you live of course. With the age of the internet all the resources are at the tip of your fingers or in the palm of your hand with all the mobile devices. It’s amazing what you can find if you just spend an hour doing a little research. If you live in the West, Sunset Magazine is a great resource for day trips. Every issue has some great features. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so there is tons to do within three hours in any direction. Living here my whole life I sometimes take things for granted and forget all the exciting places to visit around me.

A few weeks ago on a Saturday morning Kerry and I were sitting having our morning coffee and thinking of what we should do. We didn’t have anything going on and didn’t want to just hang around the house all day. We knew the kids would get restless and one, if not both of us, would just end up working. Kerry thought of the Pinnacles; a great park with great hiking and caves. What kid doesn’t like caves. As a matter of fact, President Obama recently made it a national monument. So we got ready and grabbed a friend each for the kids and off we went.

What a great day. It was on a weekend so there was a bit of traffic and a lot of people at the park but everyone had a great time.

It made me think of few things to pass along for anyone thinking of going for a day trip. These tips are for hiking but can apply to most day trips.


5 tips for a day of hiking

  1. Make sure to pack good energy providing snacks and plenty of water
  2. Bring sunscreen
  3. Wear comfortable shoes that provide good traction for hiking
  4. Let someone know where you are going just in case
  5. If you are going somewhere with caves, bring a flashlight – they cost a pretty penny at the ranger station

Ok all you experienced day trippers and hikers, I would love to hear about your day trips and tips for them as well as for hiking.

Happy Dwelling!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad