competeRecently I posted Competitive Youth Sports about and closed with the idea that we can learn a lot of lessons from our kids if we just pay attention and watch them be themselves. Further, that I need to remember those lessons and apply them in my personal and business life. Actually, when you run a small business the line of personal and business life often blur. So let’s see what I learned about competition from watching those two goalkeepers playing on the field.

Go-Go Babyz is a small family operation run by my wife and I, a true mom and pop business. We recently had a couple bigger companies come out with competing products. Due to their size, the impact was very damaging to us. We went through the range emotions; anger, fear, resentment, hopelessness. Did I mention anger and resentment? Of course, these are all normal emotions to experience in a situation like this when you are a small business and the effects could be shutting down but you can’t dwell on it. You have to move on and turn the negative thoughts and emotions into something positive that will drive the business. After all, competition is a good thing. It is what keeps companies moving forward and drives innovation. The end result is a successful business and happy consumers who are continually being offered improved products as we, the businesses, strive to be better than the competition. Win-win right? Let’s hope so, the verdict is still out on this one.

So what did I learn? I learned to stop fighting competition and embrace it. Even if they created a cheaper knock-off of our invention. There is no use fighting it, everyone wants a piece of the pie and there will always be companies with no creativity or ingenuity whatsoever whose entire business model is based of copy-cat products. I can’t change that. What I can change is my attitude. I can choose to respond instead of react and use it as a source for inspiration and continue creating innovative solutions for families on the go.

Happy Competing!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad