fallThe leaves are changing, the mornings and nights are cooler and pumpkins are lining the floors at the grocery store. Yes, fall is here. I love this time of year. Well, to be honest I love every time of year. I live in California where the weather is pretty nice year round. Being a Californian I get teased a lot that we don’t have fall, or any season for that matter. Be it as it may, I love California seasons and right now summer is making its departure as fall begins show signs of creeping in.

A couple of my favorite things to do is mountain bike and trail run and this time of year is my favorite time for those; it’s not too cold and it’s not too hot. I go early in the morning before work and the masses take over the local trails. It’s perfect this time of year. It’s usually a little overcast in the morning and I get a nice breeze to keep me cool. The scenery is awesome with all the leaves starting to turn. It’s the best way to start the day and get my body ready or all the indulging I will be doing as the holiday season, AKA the feasting season, approaches.

I write this as I work from home because my kids are on fall break and I didn’t have them covered today. Fall break? What is that? I have never heard of such a school beak until this year. My kids transferred to a new school and they get a two week break for fall. Why didn’t they have this when I was in school? They now have a break for every season. Lucky!

Lucky for them but now Kerry and I get to do the kid shuffle for two weeks. It’s like a condensed summer shuffle. When you run a business there is always work to do and Go-Go Babyz never really shuts down. Sure, we have regular office hours but there is so much still done after hours and on weekends. So, these crazy breaks throughout the year can make it difficult with a small business.

But hey, why fight it? I guess I should just embrace it and the couple days I have the kids over the next two weeks. I will do the work I can and embrace the rest of the time. So today we are having a lazy day. The kids are lounging around settling in to day 2 of their break and I have something in the smoker slow cooking for dinner as I write. Another perk of the great weather out here; I can cook outdoors for most of the year.  I think I will plan a nice fall hike with the kids and the dogs in the Santa Cruz Mountains my next day home with them. That sounds better than work any way!

If you have a fall break too, take the kids for a nice walk to park and check out all the leaves changing and collect some nice ones for some fun art projects with the kids. Don’t forget your Wagon Stroller!

Happy Fall!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad