Last week I wrote Fall Day. Anyone curious how the day turned out? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. I finished writing then had to deal with some technical issues and a couple service ghostsproviders for Go-Go Babyz because the web site was down. It’s hard to sell products online when your site is down. So, after dealing with that and getting it all resolved I turned my full attention back to the kids and we had a great day.

With Halloween edging closer I got them going on some scary crafts to occupy them while I finished up the coleslaw that would accompany our pulled pork sandwiches. The craft business was no easy task for me being that I am a bit artistically challenged when it comes to projects like that. Thank goodness for pinterest because I found some great ideas to print for them. If anyone out there has some good Halloween craft ideas for people like me, please share.

After that we had lunch then made a CRAZY DELICIOUS pumpkin cake for dessert. After all, it is fall and what makes a better dessert than pumpkin. Then it was on to four-square. I guess this game has been around forever but I don’t remember playing it as a kid. So they taught me and we had a great time. That about wrapped up the better part of the day until it was time for Nolan’s soccer training – they don’t have a break, ever, it seems.

So anyways, just embracing the time with the kids on this new found break turned out a lot better than just letting them do whatever while I fumbled through and tried to get as much work done as possible. Interesting thing too, there was much less of the sibling battles since I was actively participating with what they wanted to do. What’s the moral of the story? There has to be a moral right? Otherwise I’m just giving you a recap of my day. What’s the fun in that? Right, the moral – embrace change, embrace your kids and the time you have with them. Sometimes work can wait, family is more important.

Happy Fall Day!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad