candyHalloween has come and gone again and that means before you know it we will all be gathered in front of a tree opening gifts with our kids. Time seems to go by faster and faster every year. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween last week and that your dental visits didn’t increase due to all the candy. Candy is funny. I like candy sometimes as do my kids but at Halloween you would think that my kids have never seen or eaten a piece of candy and that it’s some sort of rare, high valued currency. It’s all about how much candy they can get. As soon as we get home from trick-or-treating the bags are quickly emptied on the floor and they start sorting them all to see what and how much they got. Then they quickly move in to the trading phase. I guess they first need to see what they have to work with before they just start trading.

I remember doing the same thing. I separated everything into piles then further sorted them by creating  the discard pile of all the candy I didn’t like and the mine, mine, and all mine pile with everything I wasn’t about to offer up for any sort of trade. Unless, of course, someone was lucky enough to get the king of candy currency, the full-sized Butterfinger! Anyway, I would eat a few (or twenty) and hide it away. I would eat some here and there the next few days and then it just sat. And sat, and sat. My kids do that too. They are more excited about getting the candy, and as much of it as possible, than actually eating it. So it appears the fun is in the trick-or-treating and comparing the loot. I guess I shouldn’t complain about that; less dental bills and kids hopped up on the S.

We can’t forget about the dressing up part of it either. That’s the rest of the fun. It’s the one time of year that everyone, kids and adults, can dress as crazy as they want. Or can they? There seems to be so many restrictions at Halloween functions at schools and such these days that it can tend to take the fun out of it. Nothing too scary or gory. Your costume can’t have this or that. Etc, etc, etc. I mean Halloween is supposed to be scary right?  I get it, especially at school, there are younger kids that might get scared or some things are just not age appropriate but let the kids have fun and don’t go overboard with the restrictions. It’s one day a year.



Happy Haunting!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad