Here is another post based on some FAQ’s we get at Go-Go Babyz. A common questions is “does the Travelmate Car Seat Luggage Strap have wheels?” I will answers this and work in some strap_box_product_smallother common questions in to this post. The answer to the question is no. The Travelmate Car Seat Luggage Strap is simply, well, a strap. The strap is used to attach your toddler car seat to your carryon luggage which provides the wheels to transport your child in their car seat through the airport. Basically, you use the strap to convert your car seat and carryon into an airport stroller. In that answer I answered another common question; “does the Travelmate Car Seat Luggage Strap come with a seat?” Again the answer is no. You provide the car seat and carryon and we provide the strap to connect the three together.

“Oh. So it’s just a strap”, you say. Well, yes. That is why it is only $19.99. It’s an easy, economical solution to get your kids and their car seats through the airport. It’s a great product for someone who usually travels with a carryon bag and those who do not travel often enough to want to spring for one of the other Travemate products.

Whenever you create a product that requires other items to function you invite the possibility for operational issues. One common issue we hear about is the stability and or balance. The most common cause of this is the carryon and how it is packed. There are so many different type and size carryons that it is hard to create the perfect formula for optimal performance. It is not an exact science but there is a great rule of thumb: the more balanced your carryon is by itself the more stability and balance you will have with the Travelmate Car Seat Luggage Strap. For example, if your bag is only half full it may not be able to provide the stability you need optimal performance and stability. At the same time, if the bag is fully packed but the items are not packed well, say the heavy items are on the top, you will have stability issues because the bag itself is top heavy.

The best strategy to ensure proper performance is to make sure the bag is 75-100% full and the items are packed with the heaviest items on the bottom. You need to remember that the carryon must be able to support the extra weight of a car seat and a child so if there isn’t enough in the bag the bag will begin to squish when you tighten the strap resulting in an unstable stroller. So, if your carryon is sturdy and balanced you should not have an issue once you attached your car seat to the bag with the strap.


Happy Strapping!

Kevin Williams
VP & Dad