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when you and your baby are "on the go"

About GGB

My experience as a mother, inventor and founder of a company has been one of great and intense learning. My hope is that through this blog; others may find my experiences helpful, relevant, entertaining or inspiring. I plan to educate with tips for traveling with kids and safety in juvenile products. I also plan to rant a little here and there about the difficulties I have, along with the gratitude I have, in my life as a mom and entrepreneur. In addition, I plan to persuade my husband, father of my children and VP of Go-Go Babyz, to jump in here with me. Not only is he more eloquent in his writing but he has an entirely different perspective on the last 9 years of our lives (I say 9 years as that’s how old our oldest child is now and without having kids, Go-Go Babyz would have never been born!). Doing my best to KEEP IT SIMPLE. – Kerry Williams

Kerry has recently been seen on Fox40 Sacramento News, Los Angeles KTLA, and San Francisco’s View From the Bay as Mom Inventor and Child Safety Gadget Expert.

About GGB:
Our Philosophy – Go-Go Babyz® is a family owned and run company that develops unique solutions for strollers and car seats that make life easier and children safer during travel. Founded in 2003, the father and daughter design team focus on safety and convenience for child transportation products. Our products were developed because, we found ourselves struggling with the products we were using, and we wanted added convenience.

In addition to being members of JPMA, we are certified by the JPMA Stroller Certification Program, and all Go-Go Babyz® products are personally mom, dad and grandparent-tested.


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